When PK & I met – part 1

PK & mine was a proper arrange marriage. MY Grandfather & PK’s Grandmother are cousins. They both thought about taking their relationship to another level. So, first my Dad & my Bhaiya (Uncle) went at PK’s home to meet him, while he was in India for his short visit. MY Dad & Bhaiya liked him and gave him & his family my pictures & invited them at our place IF they like me in my picture. By the time our kundlis were matched and on 10th January 2009, PK, his parents & BIL came to meet me & my family.

As every girl is, I was also nervous, got ready in morning with butterflies in my tummy. We all went to the hotel where we have arranged PK’s family’s one day stay. After few minutes of chatting, our parents decided that we should be given some “alone” time to talk. We both ordered Veg Grilled sandwich on our separate table & started to talk.

Believe me, I was so nervous that I decided I will not be the one who will start the chat first. I will just answer if he asks me any question. But I don’t know what happened & who started the conversation, I was the only one talking & he was the one who was listening. I talked about his life style, will I be able to adjust in Australia, he shocked me by saying that he drinks occasionally. I was shocked because no one at our home drinks. I told him that I am vegetarian & also I don’t cook Non-veg and all that.

I did not know how half an hour went by. One funny thing happened. I was not able to eat sandwich because I thought it will look messy, so I was munching on some potato chips that was served with it. I finished all my chips, PK offered me to eat his chips as well!!! He said that he does not like munching and I literally ate all his chips from his plate 🙂 🙂

We both forgot there were our parents waiting for us. So, after about 40 minutes, MIL came to our table & asked us if we have finished our talk or not yet??? She asked me if I will start cooking Non-Veg for his son after wedding because he loves Non-Veg, to which I replied NO!!

While returning to home, MIL cried in front of my Mom & said that her son is very nice and all that, she got very emotional.

Next day, it was Saturday, I was at school, I was working a teacher in India at that time. At 2.00 pm, when I left for home, I started receiving “Congratulations” calls before I reach home. I was so surprised like what has happened and why everyone is calling me and telling me that they will see me in 3 days & all that.

Previous day, I did spoke to my parents that the guy looks Ok & nature wise too he is alright and all that.. But I told them to wait for their call to see what PK decides.

When I reached home, everyone is hugging me, all 8 of my cousins are dancing on music,  already celebrating & Mom, Dad, 3 Bhaiyas & 3 Bhabhis & my Grandfather have tears in their eyes. They said that they have arranged my engagement on 16th January 2009. PK was to return to Oz on 18th January..

Later PK called me to hear YES from me, he said that he does not want me to say yes under any pressure from my parents. He asked me if I was happy & all that 🙂 🙂

The shops were closed for couple of days from 14th January due to Uttarayan . I was stressed out because I had to find my perfect dress for my engagement ceremony. I had to finish my parlour treatments & there was so much to be organized.

Finally the day came, PK & his family & his extended family came to our city, the ceremony was done. I still remember PK’s expressions on his face when he first saw me on engagement day 🙂 Everyone shouted at me to feed big piece of cake to PK, which I did & forced him to eat all. Everyone laughed, we had fun. Later in evening we both went to a restaurant called Valentine restaurant 🙂 He ordered a sizzling Brownie for me  🙂

While going there, PK told me that he knew I loved chocolates, dolphins & Shinchan cartoon character. I was impressed. But then he said that he saw my profile on orkut & that’s how he knows many things about me!! Hmm!!!

When we returned home, there was big party going on at my home at ground floor. Caterers everywhere, everyone dressed up, Pk saw Panipuri stall & forced me to eat it as he knew that I love panipuri. I did not even ate one.. really!! It was so embracing to eat panipuri with mouth full so I skipped eating it but I did asked Mom the next day if we have any left over panipuri at home!!

So, a music band was called & we danced & had fun. That whole night I spent in dreams & thoughts.. feeling the same feeling when PK hold my hand for first time to put the ring in my finger, that first time coming close to him while taking pictures, the first time we sat in car next to each other… ahh…what feelings huh!!! PK & his family left next day very early morning.

Pk had to leave for Oz the very next day. I was sad that I will be able to meet him during our wedding only, not before that. I was not sure if he will call me or not because I thought it would be so expensive for him to call me. Because of time difference will I be able to talk with him for long? I just wished him safe travels once on mobile before he left & then started the waiting game to see if he calls!!!

Find out what happened next in second part… 🙂 🙂

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21 Responses to When PK & I met – part 1

  1. Sujatha says:

    aha.. nicely written.. I was able to visualize so many events here 🙂
    cant wait to read the second part 🙂

  2. chipmunk says:

    eeeeek 🙂 story 🙂 Pk is generous to give you chips 🙂 🙂 write write 🙂 YOU Strict teacher or jolly one 🙂 🙂 Guinness record eh !! you didn’t eat pani puri :O its nice to read a real story like this!!!! yayayayayaa I am enjoying every bit of it 🙂 🙂

  3. chipmunk says:

    you are so so bad than that of amish tirupathi, he kept a half finish work in his book and made every one to wait for the next one!!! I am waiting triple times than that book release

  4. sahasra says:

    please…jaldi likhna yaar. It is too good to read. Even the conversation in the other post is really funny to read. 🙂 keep posting.

  5. Jazz says:

    Though me and Imran had a love marriage angering both parents :-P, I do have fond memories of my sister’s arranged marriage and I can relate many events to that. But you know what, I used to get jealous of my Jiju then as my sister used to spend good amount of time on phone etc. 😀

    Anyway, great story, eager for Part 2.

    • I can understand..

      I sometimes tell PK that we did not got chance to meet between engagement & wedding .. we could have gone out & met each other without letting our parents know like the love marriage couples do 🙂 It is so much fun no, the excitement to meet & fear of parents at the same time 🙂

  6. ah why did you stop here ,now I am eager to read Part 2.

    You got engaged in a week after you met, that’s awesome. I am sure some relationships are made in haven and you just need one meeting to get clicked. Just stay the way you and PK are. God bless you both.

    • Hehehe.. arey there will so many parts 🙂

      yeah got engaged in one week & did not even spoke to each other in this week 😦

      But you said it right.. I really still cannot think like what I thought before saying Yes.. but it happened on its own.. 🙂

      Thank you LF 🙂 You are so sweet 🙂

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