Filmy family (3) – Good News!! Sis’s engagement is fixed :)

For those who were eagerly waiting to know after reading yesterday’s post... Yes, my sister said “Yes” & the guy said “Yes” & it is all fixed. Roka has been done yesterday but this was not proper engagement ceremony, they all are waiting for me to be there for the engagement..

I am so super excited for her. I spoke to her while she was having lunch with “her guy” & OMG she was so shy.. I have never heard her talking like this before otherwise she roars like a lion when she is talking with me on phone..


My grandfather who was waiting eagerly for fixing my sister’s wedding got this news on same day, he was unable to decide whether to be in happiness or go for her own cousin sister’s funeral???

I & specially PK was confused should he congratulate my sister & family members or be sad for her grandma..

Isn’t the title Filmy family appropriate??? Everything seems like a movie…

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15 Responses to Filmy family (3) – Good News!! Sis’s engagement is fixed :)

  1. Congratulation to you , your sister and whole family as it is such a wonderful news. I am sure the wedding will be amazing.

    On the other note, I understand what you feel about you Great MIL. My Grandma (Dad’s mum) passed away when my parents were visiting us. She was fine when they left but she was old (86) so died due to her age. I am sure my dad till today feels really guilt that he was not there with her.
    With me, it was still difficult to remember her after 4 years. It feels like I miss her so much that I wish I could have spent more that with her. But life has to move on and we have to accept the pain as part of life. Hope everything will go well in your life. Take care.

    • Thank you dear 🙂

      you know when we are very far from everything, it is very difficult to accept what has happened back in our own country..

      Actually we will forget in few days.. but when we will go back, we will realize it is a big loss & things have changed totally 😦

  2. Jay says:

    Congrats to your sis! Yeayyyy!

  3. Jazz says:

    Aww that is a great news, I can understand your excitement for your sister’s wedding. But sad that you are not there with your family to share both the news. Don’t worry dear, take care.

    So when is the D day for your sis, pass on my best wishes to the couple. 🙂

    • yeah isn’t it great 🙂

      I think like for our wedding, we got about 6 months to understand each other & know each other..probably it will be the same for her but will surely let you know when the date is fixed 🙂

  4. Sujatha says:

    wowieeeeeeee.. congrats!! SO India Calling u 🙂

  5. chipmunk says:

    celebrations ! ! and sad for granny!

  6. Yay happy days ahead 🙂

  7. My Era says:

    Congratulations to everyone in your family 🙂

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