Bad News!!!

The big SHOCKING News is that the in-laws are not coming here tomorrow!! Yesterday, unfortunately PK’s grandma passed away, so we had to postpone their travel. PK said that in all emotions if we cancel their flights, we will lose all the money, money does not look that important now but when we will be booking their travel again, we will realize how much it is going to cost us again & the amount is not that small 😦

We cannot go back to India during this time too, again because of PK’s work responsibilities. What people say is right yeah.. that the people who live in abroad cannot travel back to India so easily even in difficult time.. 😦


I knew PK’s grandma even before our wedding because she & my Grandfather are cousins & they both had actually thought of bringing the families together in new relationship by fixing my & PK’s marriage. No, it was not decided in our childhood.

I was very close to her. She use to visit us when I was small kid & even now she did not behaved with me as if I am her DIL. The comfort level was very high. I loved her as my own grandma, really. I loved the way she cooked, I loved the way she kept her house clean, I loved all utensils in her kitchen, I use to tell her how she keeps the sieve in which we strain the tea so clean as if it is new..

I have told MIL to at least bring something from her kitchen for me, I want to treasure that thing whole my life as her memory.


This Incident is very close to my heart:

This happened when I was a kid & Daadi (Grand MIL) visited us at our home,

GMIL: Why don’t you come to our place in your holidays, I will take you around, we have a nice park & beach near our home. You will enjoy there..

Me innocently: Daadi, I will come at your place during some celebration or function, okie

After my wedding, Daadi told me : “ See, I have done such a grand celebration that you are here & you will be here with us for whole of your life now”

I never ever in my dreams would have thought that I will become her grand DIL that too the eldest one in her family, in future. God’s plan I guess!!


There is a video of her & mine during my Bhaiya’s wedding, I was maybe 10 years old, they were doing some “rasam” & I was sitting beside her in my small frock, playing with a handkerchief, looking at her & smiling & giggling. I show this video to everyone because I don’t think many girls would have had this opportunity to be with her future GMIL & play with her 🙂


Daadi also told me about PK, like how he use to bring all the things from her place which are in double quantity. Even if she has two tumblers, PK will bring one for him saying “Daadi, you have two, I will take one with me.”

Daadi use to call PK with some different name because he was not opening his eyes when he was born.. 🙂

PK loved Daadi’s handmade pickles, pakodas, curries & snacks. Daadi once told me that PK once ate so many Diwali snacks that Daadi made that he got tummy ache lol 🙂

We will miss you Daadi.. RIP Daadi..


My FIL is a doctor (not professionally) & he usually takes care of both Dadaji & Daadi’s medicines & health & he visits them regularly. Daadi was already worried when FIL just mentioned about their plan to come to OZ because she thought who will take care of Dadaji after FIL is gone, Dadaji had suffered a heart attack a few months ago & he is extremely weak & still counting his days in this world.

But MIL being MIL, she said that she is not going to wait for any one, she has to travel to Sydney any how, what may happen. PK even asked her to wait for few months till our new house construction is finished but she did not changed her decision. You can say she forced PK to book their flights & visas even when PK said that he would first like to finish his construction finance & then arrange finance for their travel & all. She knew Dadaji & Dadi are counting their breathes.

Just one day before their flights, Daadi got tensed about Dadaji & left this world. Was this God’s plan?? I have learned not to do anything with bad intention & being too selfish.

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7 Responses to Bad News!!!

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  2. Jazz says:

    Grandparents are really special, glad that you both shared a special bond with her, may her soul rest in peace. 😦

    My grandmother is nearly 95, and I really miss her when I hear about her health problems, she dearly calls me ‘bhalua’ (meaning bear) as I was very fat in my childhood. 🙂

    And I liked your last line, means a lot. You know what happened the other day TP, me and Imran were waiting for a bus at the stop. A teenage boy was skating fast and coming towards us, and I just jokingly told Imran should I keep my leg infront while he comes, and guess what happened, he fell right beside me due to uneven road surface. 😦

  3. Sujatha says:

    oh GOD.. RIP Dadima..

  4. So sorry to hear about Grandma. It is nice that you knew her before your marriage, that’s a nice feeling isn’t it? Yeah what PK said is true, its better to postpone, So when are they planning to come? I hope you and PK feel better by now.

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