On sleep again…

I have still not moved ahead from that “sleep” word.. I wrote about it yesterday & again I have many things in my mind related to “sleep” & “wake up”

The other day on phone, MIL asks PK – “Please wake us up at 4.00 am Friday morning, we have to catch the flight, I am scared that I will not hear alarm!!!!”

Pk said that he might get busy in office during that time & it may happen that he forgets to ring them. MIL replied “Ehh… Ok… Don’t worry I will call “K” Maami(maternal aunt) at Ahmedabad and will ask her to make the alarm & as soon as she hears the bell, she can call us on mobile to wake us up!!!”

Am I the only one who finds this weird?? YOU have to wake up early, YOU have to catch the flight, YOU should make the alarm & wake up at time. Will you ask some other person, in some other country or city to wake up in the middle of the night, just to wake you up??!!!


I have already mentioned once how she use to cry on phone and ask us to wake BIL up on time in morning. PK denied saying that he is old enough to decide when he has to wake up & that he should be responsible & independent, he is not a kid anymore!!!!


When I was newly married, from the second day itself, MIL used to knock our bedroom door every morning at 8.00 am to wake me up.  I use to wake up at 7.00 am, but she cannot wait till I take shower & get ready. When I use to open the door, dressed up already, she use to say– “Oh.. I was just checking if you are alright, it was already 8.00 in morning, I thought you might have got fever that is why you have not come down yet!!” This was everyday… many times she use to hear water running noise or bathroom door noise & confirm that I am awake already.. on those days she use to tell me that she heard noise so did not came up stairs to wake me up!!!


PK says that when he use to live with them till his 10th class, MIL use to wake him up very early in the morning even on Sundays. She herself wakes up at 5.00 am, so she cannot see any one sleeping. He even told me one incident that when he was in 10th class, preparing for his board exams, MIL had put so much pressure on him to wake up early & study that he fell sick, so sick that his tuition teacher came at home & requested MIL not to put pressure on him, he himself will wake up & study himself, he won’t be able to study if you don’t let him take rest & keep pressurizing him.


Heights is that about few months ago, PK’s cousin came to MIL’s home for 3 days visit also for some office work. He use to come home only at nights to sleep. MIL literally use to go upstairs and wake him up early in the morning!! Early means very early!!! Poor guy!!! MIL herself told this to us on phone, PK was so angry on her that why she has to wake up even a guest at her home that early in morning!!

I really don’t want her to knock on our bed room door when they are here, if she does once, PK & I are going to make it very clear to them that we know what our time-table is!!

OK I will stop complaining now, kya karun.. so much is stored in my stomach that I have to write it here to feel relieved 🙂 🙂 🙂

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15 Responses to On sleep again…

  1. Shanthi says:

    yeah..weird people out there… even i used to find it odd that people cant keep their own alarm and wake up on their own… my ex husband used to ask me to wake him up at early hours when we both were in different countries. I will be at office at that time(my evening time) and it will be very difficult for me to call him as I will be in some meeting or other..if I refuse he used to insist giving excuses like if alarm rings I know the alarmring tone so i wont get up to pick it up but if u call,i know someone is calling and so i will pick up and get up…it used to be highly irritating. after doing a few things I was feeling so stupid ki what am i doing…and i refused plainly only to be taunted that am not a good devoted wife…

  2. Dhivya says:

    Actually I have asked my mom ( from India) to wake me up when I need to catch an early morning flight and I know that I will be sleeping late due to work. 🙂 But Never have I asked anyone to wake up from their sleep to wake me up.

    We were newly married and living in another city from MIL. She called me at 8am one morning and we both were sleeping. She was like ‘Oh my God, you are still sleeping , who will make breakfast.’. I told her that her son is also sleeping and that there is no use in me getting up that early and making breakfast when I know that on weekends he will get up and have lunch straight away. She did not want to listen to me and kept telling me to cook and then sleep in the afternoon. DH was bugged with his mom but there was no seeing reason with her.

    When I had come to US for work and my DH was in India, MIL was sometimes staying with him. DH used to work till 2am and come home and sleep by like 3am. She would promptly wake up him at 7am and tell him to eat his breakfast and then sleep. He would sometimes lock the door and sleep and she would keep knocking to wake him up. Obviously once awake he cant go back to sleep and that whole day in office he will be drowsy.

    • Exactly… once awake, we he cannot go back to sleep again & whole day is like wasted in drowsiness!!

      Why do MILs don’t let their DILs sleep? And wake up to cook breakfast for the one who is still sleeping??? Not fair!!!

      What to do Dhivya??? Thanks for sharing your story though 🙂
      I hope no more sleeping & waking problems for you any more 🙂

      • Dhivya says:

        Now a days I actually tell her that I woke up at 10am and that I did not make any breakfast and that we are eating cereals or just some juice. This has come from DH’s words..’ We cannot please everyone all the time’.

        Even now when I go to her house, I will keep alarm and get up cos I will be worried what she will say something if I sleep late there also. I will get up and just sit there doing nothing, counting the time till I can go to my mom’s house.

      • You do it right girl.. & DH is also very right..

        We do not tell them what we do here actually, but the instructions keep coming like don’t go near the beach.. don’t go out very late night & blah blah.. but we don’t inform them if we do this.. it becomes very controlling for us.. its better they stay there shaanti se & we stay here shaanti se 🙂

        As I replied to SJScribbles, I also get worried when MIL becomes sad.. its no fun in visiting them under such control & pressure 😦

  3. Jazz says:

    😀 She is weirdly funny, you guys better make it clear when they are here as you need proper rest for a busy day ahead.

    Imran’s grandparents are like this you know, they wake up so early and have breakfast by 7 and sleep at 9 in the night. My MIL has also got this habit but after staying with us and SIL, she is slowly changing. She might wake up early but never disturbs us. 🙂

    And I remember another incident, once Imran’s grandfather came to stay with us for a week. We were newly married and glad to have a guest, so went all the way to accommodate him, used to take turns in getting him food on time, cleaning etc. It was fun though. When he went back, everyone told him he looked well fed with bigger cheeks. lol

    • Jazz says:

      TP, one more thing I want to share is my SIL loves to wake up late, but MIL sometimes tells her how she should be up early so she can do some chores etc. Once SIL got so bugged up, she said ‘why, why should I wake up early, what work do I have to urgently finish, am I a maid that I have to go early to houses for work etc.’.. 😀 lol we laughed so much that day.

    • Phew.. good that at least she does not disturbs you 🙂

      hahaha.. good.. good.. what you did was so sweet to take turns and make the grandfather happy 🙂

      changing the time-table for one week sounds better than changing for whole next 2-3 months huh!!!…

      • Jazz says:

        Completely agree with you on this. We realized how tough it is to take care of an 80 year old in that one week itself. 🙂

  4. sjscribbles says:

    TPPL – Same case with me yaar – With the entire household (including her daughters) sleeping in the mornings , my MIL will wake up and be in the kitchen at 7.00 and I religiously follow her schedule (as i’m the only DIL of the house) of being in the kitchen at 7.00 all dressed up, all the time…Just Once , before we left to Sg to live on our own..I woke up early, but was talking to J in my room while she was in the kitchen..it was about 7.15…..She could not bear to see me in the room with my husband while she was in the kitchen – Ohh my she made it such a big issue and complained to FIL, that she was alone in the kitchen and that I am still in the room. Fil complained to J and J in front of MIL – purposely told me ” S, please try to be in the kitchen with her” As soon as she heard that from J, she was so filled with embarrassment, to cover up – she was asking FIL as to why he let J know about it ! MIl’s I tell yaa…Just like J says “You cannot change them !”
    Just grin your teeth and bear with it for the next few months ! Good Luch to you Dear !

    • Thanks for sharing your experience S.

      I know.. you being only DIL of house, your MIL’s expectations might be very high…

      many times it happened with me that if MIL gets sad with me about something, my whole day was spend in trying to make her happy again.. I use to feel guilty that haay.. yeh kya kar diya maine, naraaz kar diya mumiji ko & all that.. 😦

      I so agree with J.. we cannot change them yaar.. lets see how my life is from next week 😉

  5. chipmunk says:

    first and third point this always happen with MIL she is from mars for sure 🙂 second point good move from PK 🙂 fourth I wonder how he managed till 10th :O and another proven thing, PK doesn’t belong to their family :p which mom will pester this much 😀 pity the soul of guest 🙂 how bad he would have scratched his head in the sleepy eyes thinking whats happening 🙂 🙂

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