Filmy family (2) – looking for a suitable match for my Sis :)

Last year, a family came to see my younger sister, after my Dad and Bhaiyas have already seen & met the “guy” & approved him. Not sure what happened or what my sis & that guy talked but my sister refused to marry that guy & she does not liked him. No one in my family forced my sister, they all accepted what she requested & politely said no to that guy’s family. Guy’s family forced for few months but my sister’s decision did not changed & neither did my family’s. My sister said that she is not ready for marriage, so everyone was waiting for her to be ready.

She said yes & again the search started. After looking at many other guys, my Dad liked this one.  I and my whole family trust my Dad’s choice, in fact my Dad only selected PK for me *blush, blush*

Side tracked – My MIL always taunted me – “We did not ask your family to marry you to my boy, your Dad yourself wanted to marry you to my boy, we did not force!!!” After hearing this for many times, I once replied to her – “Well, my Dad did not want to marry me to any damn guy who comes and asks for his daughter, that is why he looked everywhere & after so many rejections he selected PK for me because he knew that PK is the best” After this she has never taunted me again!!

Ok back to post – So, Kundlis were matched & my dad invited them to meet my sister & our family. The best thing I liked about this family is that they requested for blood test & to match the blood of both guy & my sis, so that they don’t face any problem in future. That blood results came OK too.


Now, I asked my Dad if he has any picture of that guy. My dad said no, as they did not have any recent pics of this boy. I asked my Dad to give me his full name so that I can check on Facebook. Dad happily said “ya, ya his name is ABC” I looked up on Facebook, no match found!! (One more reason was that my Sis has not even seen the pic of this guy.. they were going to send it but we did not had patience to wait for few days!!)

Next day I again called my Dad, he said “Oh Sorry.. Sorry, his name is PQR!!! I was like – What Dad.. You don’t even remember his name!!! Anyways.. I was in train at that time so told my Dad that I will call later.

When I searched for Mr. PQR on Facebook, the profile pic was a couple’s pic. A girl & a boy in a pose like they were engaged or married!! I was SHOCKED!!

Called my sister, she said “Yeah I told Dad, but he is at shop now, when he will return at night I will show him that pic. Dad is saying that this is not possible.. Maybe we are looking at someone else’s profile, you go to sleep, I will text you once Dad sees the pic & he confirms if he is the same guy”

I spent restless night, checked my mobile first thing in morning to find out there was no text from sister, thought pakka there is some problem. Got ready, went to office, waiting till it is morning in India & then got so busy with work that could not speak with Dad till evening.


While returning from office in train, I called my Dad & asked what the update was. He said “Oh, that couple’s pic you saw is boy’s cousin brother & his wife, I got confused between their names!!!! Boy’s name is XYZ, this is final, don’t worry”

WHAT!!!!!!! Did not expected this from Dad.. really…

I hanged up the phone quickly, checked the guy’s profile on Facebook again, he looks good, will be perfect match IF they both say yes to each other. They are the one to decide if they want to spend their life together.

They are visiting today. It’s my sister & that guy’s fist meeting.. Fingers crossed!!!!I am waiting for the phone call from my Dad and also thinking about my & PK’s first meeting..

ahh.. those memories….Our first meeting & our journey from first meeting to engagement to wedding…. * lost in dream world*

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23 Responses to Filmy family (2) – looking for a suitable match for my Sis :)

  1. meromusings says:

    such a cute post and very cute family, reminded me of how arranged marriage happen which is becoming rare in my country though!

  2. sjscribbles says:

    That’s the cutest phase of our relationship rite – TTPL ! The courtship before wedding !
    Hope your sister find the right guy !
    ohh my…Now i’m remembering how J and I got together –
    Blush…Blush…Blush !

  3. Sujatha says:

    courtship period before the marriage is one of the bestest part in life 🙂
    LOL on the name confusion.. My best wishes to ur sis

  4. chipmunk says:

    happy for her 🙂 let the two hearts melts 🙂

  5. Very interesting. Do share the good news :).
    I have a dream of being a part of Indian wedding which I hope one day will come true. I have been told that Indian wedding are similar to the Bollywood movie wedding. Ohoo, will love to all dress up and sing and dance 🙂

  6. Jazz says:

    Wow that’s cute and that name fiasco was funny. Do share the good news, hope they like each other. 🙂

  7. I hope every thing goes well for your sister.btw when are you going to write about your and pk’s meeting?

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  9. reading all ur posts late because I was away..Happy to hear you about your sister..Yay!!

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