Preps & Planning!!

The weekend was so, so hectic.. I am feeling sleepy & tired.. On Saturday, I woke up with first thought in my mind that next Saturday, when I will wake up, it will be for going to pick up the in-laws from the Airport. So, this was the last weekend before they are here, also when I and PK will be alone, together for weekend.

We went for shopping on Saturday, had to buy few things before they arrive like towels and stuff. I bought a new hand bag, an umbrella & a scarf too.. yay!!! πŸ™‚

Sunday was so tiring.. God!! From the morning, I was running like crazy, cleaning the kitchen-drawers, chucking away extra unwanted stuff.. Re-organizing the shelves, throwing away the packing boxes of Wii game, vacuum cleaner, the new bed we bought for the in-laws.. I don’t know why we keep all the packaging, just the reason being we might need to pack the things back in the boxes which never happens!!

Then hanged up the washed clothes & cleaned the balcony. With no energy left after cleaning, I just cooked up quick Maggi & relaxed for a while & watched Big Boss season 6, is any one following this show??

Then got ready, went for grocery shopping which is again a big task.. really.. This time we shopped everything in bulk like onions, potatoes, rice & all basic stuff.. Β It was so difficult to carry everything up stairs..then chopped the spinach & coriander and kept them in fridge, just to find out that I have to clean few compartments of the fridge too…

It was already 7.45 pm in evening & there I saw buns lying on the dining table which I had bought couple of days ago to make Pav-Bhaji over the weekend. As soon as I finished chopping & boiling veggies, we received a phone call from Mom which lasted for 90 minutes. Mom called to ask if I need anything as MIL has been very sweet to them yesterday to call them and ask them if they want to send anything for us, I don’t know from where the change came!!

Well.. after I finished the call, I thought, it is so late that no one will feel like eating anything and also we already had Pani-Puri, Sev-Puri & Vada-pav while doing grocery shopping but PK said that he is waiting for pav-Bhaji!!!

So, off I went to the kitchen, cooked Pav-bhaji, of-course with PK’s help, ate & went to sleep at about 11.. My eyes are literally, red & burning now.. I am already counting hours to go back home and catch-up on sleep *yawn*

So how was your weekend ?? πŸ™‚

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8 Responses to Preps & Planning!!

  1. Jazz says:

    We too accumulate those cartons but I don’t remember when we use them. And so much shopping you guys did eh, must be tired like hell.

    Phew such a packed weekend. If all the work is done, take good rest now. πŸ™‚

    • arey.. I did not added that we bought a new dinner set, Atta & Rice storage containers, we were not able to carry everything so went back to parking to realize that PK has left his key at the cafe where we had coffee..
      he went back again, bought the keys and again we continued shopping!!
      Yeah.. planning to take half day off on friday may be to relax a bit before the bhagam-bhag begins πŸ™‚

  2. Good luck with everything gal. That is one busy weekend. For me it was a relaxing one after a hectic week because of Tihar πŸ™‚

  3. Pesto Sauce says:

    Seems you had a busy weekend, I spent part of my this weekend slogging in office!!

  4. Busy weekend indeed, I hope you got some sleep. It was a busy day and now at least I should hit bed…

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