In every office there is one or other person who acts weird..  I really don’t want to judge any one’s personality or nature but there are quite a few incidents this Chinese lady has told me.. I find them weird!!!

So, here is the first incident..

Once she was hanging a photo frame on the wall with her wedding picture in it, she looks very different in that picture, of course she will, because she was married at 20 and now she is 40. Her 8 years old son asked her whose picture that was. Now, this lady asked him to recognize. Poor kid recognized his father but not her. To make fun, she told her son that the lady in that photo is his step Mom!!! Kid was so shocked, unable to understand anything, he locked himself in his room and cried and cried for two hours. Here this lady thought the kid is studying or playing in room. As soon as his dad came, he came out of his room and asked him who his real mother was. Dad somehow managed to make the kid believe that the lady in that pic & his Mom are the same person. I was laughing like crazy but somewhere at the back of mind I was thinking what that Kid must have gone through, was he able to handle that mentally? Will that kid trust his Mom again? Was that right that his Mom told to him?

Anyways, I can never change my questioning mind!!!

Second Incident: Her in-laws were here last year from China. Now, I will not explain in deep but her MIL is like what they show in TV serials. So, they got this news on Friday morning, that her MIL’s Mom has been hospitalized and she is counting her last minutes in this world. This lady thought that this is the time when they should book her in-laws return ticket. She asked her husband to book return flight. To her disbelief, her husband said that his Mom is not going anywhere.

Later that evening they got this call that MIL’s Mom had passed away. Now again this lady thought that now her in-laws will return. She asked her husband & before her husband replies, her MIL came and said that she is not going on her Mom’s funeral in China!!

And to my disbelief, she said that her MIL went for fishing with her husband & son the very next day!!!

I will again say that I don’t want to judge any one on their actions but as usual I had questions in my mind.. Her MIL does not care even for her own MOM??? Her MIL was thinking that her son is more important than her dying Mom?? Is it normal that once you have your own family, you don’t care about your parents??

One more thing, whenever we go out for lunch, she never buys food from food court, she brings along her own lunch that was cooked at her home & then she keeps touching everyone’s food & when you will question her, she will say “OH, I was just checking if your food is warm enough!!”

I don’t like it!!!  And Oh God.. she is really a question box, What have you bought? How much was it for? Do you cook this at home? What ingredients you use? You changed your nail colour? Do you like this colour or previous nail colour? What do you wear on weekends? I want to buy pressure cooker, do you know any shop? How much they sell for? Do you know if we are getting our bonus this year? Do you know which date we will get it? Do you know if there will be any promotions in office? What train do you catch? When do you reach? Your husband cooks if he reaches home first? Does he come to pick you? Can’t you walk to home from station?  Why do you stay in home that is away from station? Where are you building new home? How far is it from station? Which train will you catch from there?

Before you all fall asleep with these questions.. I will sign off and get back to work… chao!!  🙂

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11 Responses to Questions!!!

  1. chipmunk says:

    pity you 🙂 every one around are damn challenging to you 🙂 happy tackling time :p

    • hahaha.. well there are many people around me who make me happy but we always think more about people who bit weird and when we don’t know with whom to share all this, there comes this blog to share the feelings with everyone, isn’t it!!

  2. I used to have couple of Chinese colleagues at my old job. I used to feel like I was being subjected to a rapid fire of questions.used to go out of my way to avoid them….so totally get what you are saying.

  3. Visha says:

    Do not answer at all…mime that you are having pain in your throat 😛

  4. First incident , well with kids we can’t even do such jokes, their little brain can’t accept such things so easy. I am glad that it didn’t last long.

    Hmm its so unfortunate that people like that exists, I can’t believe she didn’t fly back and its shocking they went out the very next day.

    Well you seem to have lot of patience, I could have never tolerated so chatty person 🙂

  5. Jazz says:

    Oh must be feeling different to manage with different cultured people na. That joke on the kid sounded bad though.

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