Happy & Sad!!

So, First of all I just wanted to say Happy Diwali & a prosperous New Year to all of you…

Past few days I have spend being happy sometimes and sometimes being really sad. I don’t know why these mood swings..

Sometimes I become very happy & excited that MIL & PIL are coming here, I start planning weekends with them, where we will take them on every weekend, I make lists of things I want them to eat while they are here like different types of cheeses, olives, different veggies, Lebenese bread pizzas, some dishes which they don’t cook like dal-baati,  Non-veg recipes which I cook, biryanis and different types of salads and many other things, I really want them to experience our life here and enjoy their stay here with us. I want their stay to be memorable for them.

But then, suddenly I become sad, thinking of what all they have done with me while I stayed with them for just 15 days, how they will behave with me for these many days.  They have not even asked me once if I need anything from India but they remember to ask this to PK & BIL every day. More than me PK feel sad about this. God promise, I don’t expect them to buy anything for me.

I become happy when they tell us that they went shopping for jeans, tees & sunnies for themselves. I feel that they are changing their mindset. Believe me they are very narrow-minded. MIL has once told me not to wear sleeveless tops when she saw my pics, I did not listened to her though.

Again I become sad when I come to know that MIL has literally said NO to my Mom when my Mom asked her if she can carry some gifts for me & PK from them, reason was that their luggage is already over weighed!!  I don’t know what my Mom wanted to send to me but I know that my Mom was very happy that the in-laws will be meeting us here & seeing our house, our life style.  When my Mom told MIL that she will give weightless gift to carry, my MIL agreed because she knew that weight less thing means some gold jewellery!!! MIL is hungry for gold, I am telling you..

I was happy when we went to this jewellers shop on Dhanteras and bought gold coin for pooja, then we bought sweets, some fire crackers & sweets but again I became sad, I was missing my family, we also have gold business in India, I was imagining my Dad, my uncles, my cousins everyone in the shop selling gold & silver for Dhanteras. We girls use to take diyas to shop in evening & some snacks for them to eat because they don’t get any break on that day.. I really miss those days.. I really miss my family 😦

On the job front, I was happy and satisfied with my work, they had promised me a promotion in October but when the time came they had asked me to wait for another six months now, I feel sad, I feel that I deserve better job with better pay & title but I cannot change my job now because we are thinking of baby in next few months.. I have to be in company for at least one year to be able to get the benefits of government grant & pay for one year when I go to maternity leave. So, I have no other option but to continue working here. I feel am not appreciated for my efforts & all the extra work that I am doing since more than a year 😦

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12 Responses to Happy & Sad!!

  1. Jay says:

    First of all, Happy Diwali dear! Secondly, hang in there, girl. I hope everything will be positive for you soon. Take care.

  2. I think you are worrying too much and I think its natural for you to feel so with your past experience, but what feel is it will be a lot different from you visiting them in India. Everything will be alright, When my inlaws visited my husband was always on their side (or I thought so) and I had tough time handling the whole situation. And besides I was a new mom then. Don’t focus on anything than keeping yourself calm and happy.

    On the work front its part of corportae life to have these..stay in there, everything will be alright..

  3. Jazz says:

    You know even I did not have good experience with my In-laws when I was newly married and entered their home. So I was very skeptical to meet them later when they came to meet us at Chennai where we worked. But it was a pleasant surprise as there was an attempt for peace from both sides and we gelled well. 🙂

    Don’t worry dear, try to divert your mind or ignore if you don’t like/understand some things they say, for your own good. Take care.

    And I can so understand missing your family on such an auspicious occasion like Diwali.
    Wishing you and PK a very happy and prosperous Diwali dear.

  4. Don’t worry too much and see how things will go when they are here. Some things in life doesn’t go as we plan but that doesn’t mean you are not lucky. You have such a loving husband who loves you so either way , 3 months will pass and you will have your normal life back. Just hang on gal..

  5. sjscribbles says:

    Happy Diwali, Dear.
    Take care of yourself and don’t get so worked up…Your happiness is very important ! Be happy and keep smiling everything else will fall in place….

  6. My Era says:

    A very Happy Diwali to everyone at your end 🙂
    Please don’t get stressed, life has a way of keeping the reigns in her hands to keep us working and striving for the things we don’t have, but the good times are there to tell us that life and goodness hasn’t forgotten us 😀
    All will fall in place soon 🙂

    • From where do you get this positivity dear??? I agree with each and every word of yours & I really learn a lot from you ME 🙂
      I hope I will be soon writing about my good times here after the inlaws come here 🙂

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