Demands and Assumptions!!!!

So, the wait is over and we have received MIL & PIL’s tourist visa to visit us here in Sydney. I had submitted the paper work last Wednesday and we received confirmation yesterday, so it was pretty quick. We were thinking that it will take 6 weeks for visa process and they will be able to fly in December but the plans have changed and since their visa will expire in starting of February, they are coming to Sydney next week.

Yes, NEXT WEEK!!! God!!!!  It was my idea to book their flights for next week, so that they get enough time to stay here with us. We informed them about their visa, they were very happy,  we were also excited, we asked them to check the fares from their travel agent and we will check here. Wherever the fare is cheap, we will book the flights there, of course PK will be paying for their travel, wherever it is booked.

The in-laws found cheaper fares. There were two options, fly from Bombay via Malaysia which is cheaper & fly via Singapore from Ahmedabad which is expensive. PK asked them to book via Bombay as it is cheaper and there started the Demands or rather say black mailing.

“If you want us to fly via Malaysia from Bombay, which is cheaper, you will have to book our domestic flight to Bombay as well because we have to avoid traveling in taxi in Bombay, if you want to save money for our domestic flights, book us from Ahmedabad via Singapore, which is expensive” These are PIL’s words in his email to PK.

Now tell me, which dad will blackmail his son like this?? “Book us expensive flights or else spend more by booking our domestic flights as well !!!”  Frankly speaking, whenever we travel, we book the cheaper fares available for us, we don’t book domestic flights of 5000 rupees just to save 500 Rupees of taxi fare!! It’s unreasonable!!

We paid their visa fees, we have to buy bed for them this weekend, we are building our house here, we have our loans and credit cards to pay off, we send money to MIL every month, we have to save for our future, for our baby, we will be spending more for three months to take the in-laws around and fulfil all their wishes while they are here, then we have to travel to India, It will be my Sister’s wedding, we have lots on our plate financially, in-laws know all this but still demanding a royal treatment for their travel, I cannot digest it, really!!!

Rather than being thankful that their son is doing so much for them, they are demanding more and more.

Now comes assumptions!!!

When PK was struggling with finding his new job after already resigning from his old work due to lot of undue pressure from his bosses, the great in-laws write us email that “we are getting this intuition, that PK has found some new job in big company, with great salary package but you are hiding it from us, please if it is so, reply in email with one line so that we can get rid of anxiety, we will not ask you any further details about package & job description”

I was like.. What the Hell!!! Here PK & I are worried about PK’s job & our expenses and they are writing these emails to us assuming we are hiding the pay package from them!!! Are these PK’s parents or competitors??? And note this..  when PK found his job their first question was what is your pay package?? Just to revise their memory they will ask my package as well, so that they have all calculations, if you don’t inform them, MIL’s crying and emotional blackmailing will start. My Mom & Dad even don’t know my or PK’s package but the great in-laws cannot breathe if we don’t tell them!!

One more example of their assumptions!!!!

They are writing email to PK that “we are getting this intuition that you both are coming to India in 2 days, you both are hiding from us, you are coming to pick us from India, please tell us if it is so, so that we are free from our anxiety, if you want to visit her city(my home) we are ok with it, if you want to visit her(my) Didi’s city or her(my) relatives in other city, we don’t have any problem, please don’t hide this from us, reply us if you are visiting India”

Again!!! What the F@#*!! This shows clearly that they are so scared that we will visit India, we will visit my Didi, visit my other relatives but we will hide from them… I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY DO THEY ASSUME EVERYTHING ABOUT US AND KEEP ASKING US!!! I HATE IT!!!

PS : Just received text from PK, he said that he was so happy yesterday that his parents are visiting us next week, he will be seeing them after nearly 3 years but today he is very sad!!! ;(

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11 Responses to Demands and Assumptions!!!!

  1. I can’t believe what I was reading for a while. I don’ understand what kind of parents does not understand the pain their kids are on and start suspecting of wrong doing. I am really sorry to be so straight forward but that kid of behaviours shows that they don’t love their son as much as he loves them.

    They make my in laws look like saint as they have never demanded anything from us. On top of that when we do send money, they will ask us not to and save it for future. My PIL is really nice and I really like them.

    I will be very scared if I were you to be living with that kind of PIL for 3 months. Hope it is only my fear and things will go great when they land here. Good luck girl.

    • Exactly.. I also cannot digest their this type of behavior!!
      Don’t be sorry dear.. whatever you said is right.. PK just does everything thinking it is his responsibility.. not to forget the taunts from MIL that they have spend a lot for PK’s studies and now it is his turn to pay off!!! 😦

      good that you have saint like in-laws.. my in-laws really look like saints but when they show there real colors.. no one believes it..

      I am scared.. scared to death dear.. it is very difficult to stay with them for 15 days in India… 90 days are like too much..

      Thanks.. need your good wishes…

  2. chipmunk says:

    Sorry to comment on your personals but you would have remained without replying!!! you guys not going there, and they asked you to send mail only if u goes right. then why you do. I don no how, these people become kid when they are old, or they act like they are kids!!!

    When we demanded things in our kid days they will say no, but of we say a better way they find it really hard to digest it!!! and ur fil and Mil. lord i wonder how your hub is their kids! ask them they changed the kid in hospital ! touch wood atleast this man is supportive else it will be horrible to digest all

    Better luck eh! go smooth , three months will go fast 😦

    • First of all don’t say sorry… you are my friend dear..
      We can skip replying emails but same questions are asked on phone also…

      I say the same words to PK that he has pakka got exchanged in hospital when he was born.. he is not at all like his parents.. touch wood touch wood!!

  3. chipmunk says:

    and also why you guys telling the exact figures to them!! I never say them to my parent, after all its your savings, I will reduce 2k from my salary and will give them pocket monies of 3k. I never feel its wise for them to ask or we have to say, both be a politician when it comes to money! you have a big burden on your back!!!!!!

    • yeah.. we don’t tell them exact figures.. but they really force in a way that no politician can deny..

      It is not wise for them to ask.. agree!!

      I did not told them my package for few months but kept asking PK & even BIL.. imagine!!!

      then when I went to India alone, they literally sat with me on sofa and said : Now you should not hide your package.. come on tell us..

      I said : I told you no.. its is good money..

      MIL : Yeah but what is the number, we are your parents, we won’t tell any one!!!

  4. chipmunk says:

    you tell the numbers as 1234 :@ gah to both of them :@ you say some numbers. ppl are really bad. . .

  5. Sounds so unreal that parents can do something like this. I am still in disbelief. Hugs dear, let these things don’t bother you and PK. Stay happy my dear!!

  6. Jazz says:

    I understand, some PILs can get really weird. But there is 3 more months na, try to ignore as much as you can. Best part is PK knows their true colors as well. Take care. 🙂

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