International food festival & my story behind Veg & Non-veg :)

It is Melbourne cup on Tuesday and as every year we have International food festival in our office wherein every staff has to bring a dish from their own nationality and then we will gather in the boardroom, we will have lunch together and we will watch the race.

It is so much fun, everyone talks on different topics apart from work, we girls wear our hats too. Last time I cooked Tandoori chicken which everyone just loved. I am still thinking what to bring this time. I have so many options, like Mango Lassi, Fruit Raita etc, I think this is the taste which everyone can adopt quite easily. I really don’t want to bring some typical Indian dish that people are not familiar with.

Then I thought, I can bring some Guacamole with corn chips, even though it is not Indian, everyone will love it. I don’t want to put in too much effort like last year. I had to wake up early in morning, roast the marinated leg pieces, and then wrap the holding part with silver aluminium foil so that it is easy to eat. Poor PK also had to wake up with me because I don’t touch Non-veg. So, to wrap the foil he was helping me.

Yeah… so, I was saying that I want to prepare some easy, crowd friendly dish, preferably served cold then I don’t have to queue in front of Microwave and more than that I don’t have to put my dish in Microwave when it is already filled with smells of previously heated food.

Pulavs, Biryanis, Chicken rice, stir fries, cake are already decided by other staff.  I don’t know what to prepare even if in hot food category!!!

Any suggestions girls???? Please help me 🙂


Ok… now on the cooking and eating Non-veg part… some of you will be thinking how she does NOT eats Non-Veg but she cooks Non-Veg, she cooks Non-veg but does NOT touch Non-Veg. I know it is weird!!!

Here is the story. I was the only “anti-Non-Veg” member of my big joint family, All 22 people enjoy Non-Veg but I cannot eat it. When I was 3-4 years old my Dadaji use to forcefully make me eat fish and chicken saying it is good for my health but I use to cry, sitting next to him, requesting not to force me to eat Non-Veg. I use to eat in same plate with my Dadaji when I was kid, only while eating Veg food. So, everyone at my home came to the point that I cannot eat Non-Veg and no one will force me.

After few years, I stopped going in to the kitchen too where Non-Veg is cooked, just for that day because of smell of it. So my Mom understood that I am not even going to cook Non-Veg & she never forced me.

During the first time meeting with PK and his family, PK’s Mom, my to-be-MIL at that time, asked me if I will learn to cook or start cooking Non-veg (NV) as PK loves NV food. I said a big NO to her thinking that she is no one to ask me this question. PK & I, made it very clear with each other that neither I will force PK to leave NV, neither will he force me to start eating or start cooking NV 🙂

After we got married, I saw PK’s love for NV, I saw how much he has missed and craved homemade food, especially NV. During our first visit at my house, PK loved the NV dishes prepared by my Mom so much that he could not stop eating.  After few months, I asked PK to buy chicken, I will cook for him. Believe me, I saw so much excitement in his eyes, he was happy like a kid. He never had forced me till now to cook NV for him but I do cook for him once a while whenever I feel like. Recipes from my Mom & Aunties do wonders on our guest’s taste buds and of course PK & BIL are mad for those dishes. MIL feels so jealous when BIL says that Bhabhi has made awesome dish today 😉

One of my Bhabhi had told me during my wedding that PK will turn me to NV eater by the time I will visit them again.. well…. she was not right!! I am still a vegetarian, by my personal choice, I have no problem with any one eating NV in front of me and I don’t have problem in cooking for PK, cannot wait to go back to India and cook NV for my Dad & Dadaji & Bhaiyas who have never eaten NV prepared by me 🙂

This is my personal story, my personal opinions on Veg & Non-veg, I don’t intend to hurt any Non-veg or veg eaters. Please accept my apologies if I hurt you.

Be happy & have a great great weekend everyone 🙂 🙂

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8 Responses to International food festival & my story behind Veg & Non-veg :)

  1. I always think each to their own. I only have a problem when people preach to me about what I eat. Or those who can’t stand to eat at a restaurant that serves meat dishes {used to happen to me back in India}. That’s when it annoys me. Apart from that, I don’t care if people are vegetarian, meat-eaters or vegan.

    I must say though, if you are cooking meat dishes, you probably have some amazing will power to not eat it…the aromas would be enough for me! I went vegetarian for one year and eventually caved. My family is still vegetarian but I eat all kinds of meat and fish.

    Lunches at work…it’s a hard one. Salad perhaps?

    • same like you everyone says how can I don’t get tempted by aroma.. but I don’t know I don’t feel like eating, also I don’t have problem in eating in that restaurant where NV is cooked and served 🙂
      Salad is a nice option, may be Greek salad!! Thank you 🙂

  2. Jazz says:

    I agree with the above commenter, me too fine with anyone eating or not. The problem comes when they preach or force it on others. I’m glad you and PK decided to follow what suited each, you were not forced to eat and he was not forced to leave. 🙂

    And what can you cook, I’m not sure what can be cooked easily re, and I don’t know how to make anything other than indian too. 😛

  3. Dhivya says:

    I know what you mean about not wanting to stand in line to microwave food for the potluck. I had the same issue and I decided to make Bhel Puri. I took everything with me in various separate containers and mixed them all just 10 mins before the potluck started and it was very fresh and a definite hit .It was even liked by Non Indians. Maybe you can make something like so you dont have to heat it and also with this, you can cut and keep everything the previous night itself (except for the tomatoes so that they dont get runy).

    Giving you the recipe I used (am sure you probably already know how to make it).

    Hope this helped 🙂 Good Luck and am waiting to know what you finally decided.

  4. chipmunk says:

    have you ever come across a food name bisibelabath you may try that, its nothing but a sambar rice! but ll be yumm

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