I saw happiness on PK’s face, when I reached home yesterday, walking alone from the train station. PK was not able to pick me up as our car died while he was returning back from his work and it would not start. I know it is not a big deal to walk alone to home but for a geographically challenged person like me it is a big thing, in fact PK says that I don’t have any direction sense & God forgot to install GPS in my brain.. really???  😦

I saw happiness on PK’s face, when even after our tiring day, we both cooked our favorite dinner – Dal, Bhindi-Aloo sabji & roti and finished it up with chilled Chaas.. yeah I got throat ache because I drank it and went to sleep under the fan but that is Okay no??

I felt happiness while walking to the train station this morning, holding PK’s hands & smelling fresh flowers all the way 🙂

I felt happiness when PK said that his Mom and Dad should know that I have gone to immigration office today to apply for their tourist visa. BIL said that he was busy & PK had to pick up our car from the mechanic before going for his job & also it is easier to go to immigration office from where I go to work, so I told him I will submit the paper work and will inform my office that I will be late, simple!!  I did not, even at the back of my mind, have idea that this gesture of mine will make PK & his parents happy and neither had I to prove myself by doing this. I am glad that it came out naturally, I am not that bad DIL huh!!! 😉

I saw happiness on my CEO’s face when we took him for lunch and celebrated his 50th birthday 🙂

Have you felt or seen happiness on someone’s face today??? Try to remember, I am sure it will make you happy again 🙂 🙂 🙂

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8 Responses to Happiness!!

  1. Jazz says:

    Aww that is so sweet TP. Good to know you cherish these small happiness with PK.

  2. Pesto Sauce says:

    Not sure about happiness but certainly lot of releif last night when I accompanied my flat mate to the local market

  3. Aww so sweet you made me smile through out the post 🙂

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