Weekend full of questions…

Friday night, after having the yummy Sev-Puri and Veg Tikki Chaat at “Bawarchi Restaurant,

below were the questions on my mind :

# Whether I should go for one more chaat instead of main course or should I go for a nice Veg Sabji and tandoori roti?

# Should I give company to PK who is ordering Kadai Chicken  and tandoori roti, by ordering Paneer Burji and tandoori roti?

# I know I cannot eat that heavy main course after chaats but what if PK’s main course is served and I feel like eating Roti-sabji ???

I went ahead and ordered Paneer Burji and tandoori roti, which I could not eat more than few bites and bought that home and made its pulav next day, which was amazing!!!


On Saturday, we did cleaning, washing, laundry and ironing. Apart from this, we did nothing but rested and talked for about 2 hours with MIL & PIL. MIL is so happy & excited to come here, they have started their shopping and packing already!!! PIL said that he gets tired everyday because of MIL’s over anxiety and over excitement lol He has to control MIL’s over enthusiasm every hour. They have sent the paperwork to us, as we will be doing their visa process and tickets booking from here.

After talking to them, questions on my mind:

# Why MIL has so many expectations from us?? Expectations of taking them for shopping, for taking them to dinners and lunches and doing their seva??

# Why instructing me, that after I come home from work, I will have to cook meals for them?? Why instructing me on phone that “she” will help me in cooking rice and rotis and I have to make curries as “she” does not have habit of cooking for many people??

# Was “she” not cooking for her sons and her husband before??


On Sunday, we went for some grocery shopping and of course we went to complete my every weekend task, to eat Panipuri lol.

Later in the evening, I saw my brother on face book, we chatted for a while and then we jumped on skype call. It was almost after 2 or 3 months I was on video call with Mom, sisters and brother.  I came to know that Dad has gone out of station to see a “boy” for my younger sister, she is of age to get married and my Dad and Bhaiyas are looking for her life partner, I guess since a year now. If everything goes well, I might give you this good news soon 🙂

It was bit difficult to talk with Mom, we were on video chat for first time after Didi’s husband passed away.  Our eyes were getting teary but we both were controlling ourselves. After we finished the call, PK tried to divert my mind by talking on totally different topics, I guess because he already know that I was going to cry.

Well, PK & I talked for a while but as soon as I rested my head on his arm, while going to sleep, I was not able to control my tears 😦

Questions on my mind:

# Why there was no solution to our problem when I really wanted to go to India?

# Why I have to act happy when I know deep in my heart I am not? I want to see my Didi but I cannot, instead I have to behave that I am very happy and excited for my in-laws who are going to visit us soon 😦

# How I will be able to live in happy and traveling and “seva”  mood in front of in-laws. I know that they are coming here for fun, traveling, enjoyment with us but will I be able to be in same mode for three months knowing how much my family is waiting to see me?

# Am I being selfish of thinking about only myself and my family and not thinking about my in-laws’s excitement and happiness?

# Are in-laws not acting selfish? They are only thinking about their visit to Australia and not thinking that PK had not been to India for more than 2 years, I have not seen my family for more than a year now, there has been a death in my family and every time I have visited India, they have played games with me so that I am not able to see my parents.

With all these questions in my mind, I went to sleep very late at night, slept only for few hours and now here I am in the office, trying to take these questions out of my mind by writing them down here and trying to start this new week with relaxed mind.

So, how was your weekend?? Any good food you ate? Any nice place you visited? Or just relaxed ?? 🙂

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7 Responses to Weekend full of questions…

  1. chipmunk says:

    Your longings are true!! no harm in it! pity the PK its really bad to be there missing India 😦 they must think:) by why he not demand to go to India . why he adjust this much, they had already visited oz right !!! or does she wanna see how you maintaining her young son ! lady be carefull

    I spent my weekend sleeping sleeping and only sleeping, went to a marriage and had a worst food:( 😦 between I had three frankies 🙂 :)yummmmm 🙂

  2. Even I end up ordering a lot of food than I could eat. I am trying to fix this habit of mine. I thought it will be a help for you all having your in-laws around, when you all go to work what would they do? My mom and MIL love cooking food for us when they come and stay with us. They love to see us eating home food.

    I know feeling homesick while stay away from family is very common, let these things don’t bother you. Just enjoy and travel back to India along with your in-laws, that way you can stay more time with your family as they would have already stayed 3months with you and PK.

  3. Jazz says:

    Oh I hope you have a good 3 month stay with them around and also get to see your sister as soon as possible dear.

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