Filmy family :)

My grandfather is the head of our family. He has four sons and four daughters, all married. His eldest son is my dad and I am my dad’s eldest daughter. My dad’s three brothers are my Uncles, obviously but I call them “Bhaiya” because I am taught like this and I call their wives my “Bhabhi” rather than calling them Auntie.  In total, including me, there are twelve kids in the family, as I said I am the eldest one out of them. (Yay!!! For that)

So, we all live together in two big houses with total of fourteen bedrooms, four living rooms and fourteen bathrooms, 2 empty ground floors for parking our 2 family cars and ten two wheelers. We have two gardens too..

We have six house helps, one gardener and one help for washing all the vehicles every morning.

Oh, forgot to add, we have four kitchens, one each, on each floor for each DIL, like one for my Mom and rest three for my three Bhabhis.  Cooking wise, there is a fixed schedule, Morning breakfast will be prepared by one Bhabhi, at her kitchen with of course some help from other Bhabhi and house help. When everyone is having breakfast at her floor, meanwhile, in another kitchen, at another Bhabhi’s floor, the preparation for lunch has already started to send the Tiffin at 12.30 in afternoon.

In the afternoon, from about 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm all the kids come back from their school, they and their Moms have their lunch. At 2.30 pm, Bhaiyas and Dadaji return from shops to have lunch and take some rest. Everyone sleeps for one hour and return to shop, AFTER having their evening tea.

All kids go for their classes and then dinner is prepared at my Mom’s floor. While Mom is preparing dinner, another Bhabhi will prepare some snack item and send to shop for Bhaiyas and also give to kids, you know they are always hungry lol

After dinner, there will be juices and milk shakes and ice-creams served to everyone and believe me everything home-made mostly. Oh and after lunch, everyone has to eat some fruit.

I wanted to write about this because everyone finds this very interesting, whenever my friends see any pictures of my family they all are fascinated like how this family lives together. They do fight but the bond is very strong. “Touch wood”

I really don’t want to brag about my family or show off anything but I am just writing this because I miss them all here, I feel very lonely here without them. They all miss me too. I miss the festivals I celebrated with them, every month, every Birthday, every anniversary is a festival at my home.

Happiness actually doubles up when we are together and sorrows actually do not look like sorrow when we are together.

“Bhaiyas” really are like my own bhaiya and not like my uncle because just a month before my Dad’s wedding, my Grandmother passed away and my Mom has looked after them as their own child, got them married and my Dad settled them in our business. Bhabhi’s are also very nice, always looking after everyone, not just looking after their own family and their kids.

Yesterday was my 2nd Bhaiya’s birthday. I booked a cake delivery for him and sent him text very early in the morning, at about 6.00 am India time. They had not yet received the cake but when he saw my text he called me and said that it does not matters who calls whom on birthday, already it has been many days since we spoke to you so we called up 🙂

My Dadaji is like typical Indian Dada. Little bit strict and more loving. Even today, while saying first hello to me, I feel that his voice is shaking because he is crying but soon the second minute he is Ok and speaks to me as if he is not crying. One thing, all the cooking I have learned is all because of him only.

He wants his food to be perfect. Salt, chilli even oil should be in perfect quantity.  The colour of the dish should be perfect too.  He wants all the accompaniments with his lunch and dinner like papad, pickle, salad, one main dish, one side dish, one fried dish, rice and bread. I can promise to you, there is no dish which is not cooked at my home. Pav-bhaji , chole bature,  idli-sambhar are breakfast items at my home these cannot be prepared at dinner or lunch time.

As much as he is particular about his food, he makes sure that everyone is happy in his house. My Mom and Bhabhi’s have freedom to go out, drive wherever they want, go for luxury shopping, go for classes like chocolate making or computer classes. He wants the kids of our family to study more and more, whenever any kid gets best result, he will go to bank with him and deposit thousands of rupees in that kid’s account.  He gives them change to buy some wafer packets or chocolates.

Now, in summer vacation, when my Dad’s sisters come for holidays, our house is like circus. No, really!!  Addition of 9 more kids and four more ladies, it is so much more fun.  For dinners, we book restaurant halls, half for only kids and half for only elders. At 12.30 at night my Dad informs the ice-cream parlour that our family is coming for ice-cream, ice-cream owner postpones  closing of his shop, literally.

Phew!!! So much more to write.. So many fun memories… I wish I could go and live there again, forever!!!! I miss you all 😦

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19 Responses to Filmy family :)

  1. Jazz says:

    Wow really sounds like a Sooraj Barjatya movie’s big happy family. Touchwood. 🙂

  2. chipmunk says:

    oi u lived in that much big family but how u maintain now with only three 😦 don feel yourself so empty without the sounds, chitchats and all the kids running and whirling around 🙂 i ll never marry in that case! such a big family in a single home ! you are lucky 🙂 🙂 and cooking style pakka 🙂 🙂 super 🙂 have seen this much big family only in movies and not in real life :O

    • arey.. the starting year, here in Sydney I passed only crying and waiting to go back home again 😦
      Every time I use to see a plane in the sky from my balcony, I use to pray to God to ask that plane to take me to India..
      it was very difficult man!!!
      Now use to it..
      well.. it is not single home, as I said 2 houses with total 4 floors for 4 brothers.. everyone gets to enjoy together and they get their privacy as well… 🙂

  3. Music says:

    Wow sounds wonderful. Always been fascinated by joint families but this is the first time I am getting an insider perspective of how a joint family functions. Looking forward for more.

  4. Waw this sounds so much fun, I have never lived in a joint family like this, but I remember when ever we all cousins meet up for functions and festivals in my grandma’s house it is so much fun, and you are so lucky to be part of a joint family and have such happy days daily. I can understand the fights yet lot of love between the family members, I do miss my family too.

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  6. meromusings says:

    Wow such a well managed big family!!!

  7. summerscript says:

    wow wow wow..really wowww 😀

  8. Es Chris says:

    I live in a family of ten. 🙂 , but yours as you describe is really a circus. 🙂

    Hi fi for joint families !!!

  9. I can imagine the fun and everyday party :). Listen I know I have told this before but please invite me whenever you are visiting your home, the good descriptions of your home always tempt me :)….yes I m selfish that ways 😉

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