Random facts about PK :)

PK is left-handed. He writes and eats with his left hand. If he is using fork & knife, he will hold a knife in left hand & fork in right hand!!! He opens the bottles with left hand but sometimes when the lid is to be opened clockwise, he turns it anti-clock wise, you know what I mean??? In fact in our wedding pics as well I can see he was feeding me with left hand. Really, in wedding too?? Isn’t it weird??
He is crazy for his cufflinks and watch collection. We bought 2 cases for his watch storage in which he can store his watches and I bought a cufflinks case for him a few days back in which he can store all his cufflinks. Here are few of the designs I can explain of his cufflinks:
1. Cufflinks with his initials on each cuff. One says “P” and another one says our surname initial.
2. Cufflinks in the shape of sand clock with blue sand in it, so whenever he moves his hands, the sand in the cufflinks also moves.
3. Cufflinks in shape of Beer bottles.
4. On one cufflink it is written “Trust Me” and on another one it is written “I am *the name of what his profession*“
5. Chain cufflinks, flower cufflinks…

Pk is crazy for brands. Whatever he buys, he wants branded only. Not to show off but because he thinks that it is better to pay bit more and buy branded stuff rather than paying less on low quality stuff and then spending again in few days on same stuff. I hope you understood this??
He shops in bulk. Yes, yes if we go to any store and if there sale going on, he will buy in bulk. For example we went to buy jacket for him the other day, he saw there was sale on T-shirts as well. He tried one, he liked the fitting and he bought 5 T-shirts, different colors & designs of course. He has enforced this habit in me as well now. I also cannot buy one or two, I have to buy in bulk at a time.
When PK is in his thinking mode, he will always scratch his head, only with his index  finger and he will keep scratching until I don’t ask him to stop.
He has so many mindsets. Start counting people 🙂

1)He cuts his nails so small, if he does not cuts them he feels his hand is swollen and he will keep showing them to me. He sometimes says that he looses grip to hold any thing if his nails are bit grown lol.

2) He likes his hair to be tiny, if his hair are bit grown, till he gets time for haircut, he says his mind is not getting any fresh air!!

3) He has to pour cold water on his feet every night before sleeping because he feels that his feet becomes very hot at night but he can never take shower with cold water even if it is hot summer day!!

I don’t know if these all are really a problem or just his mind sets but are really weird for me 🙂
He is a cleanliness freak. When he gets to cleaning he will clean the house so much that you will not have to clean it for another 2 months!!!

He does not like to keep any unnecessary thing at home even if it is a magazine which I have bought a few days ago or just a newspaper which is one day old, he just wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. I don’t know why!!
Foodie number one.. I can give him this title without even thinking for a second. Veg or Non-veg, if the dish is prepared properly he will gulp it in minutes. He eats yoghurt with almost everything, with Dal-Chawal, Gujarati or Punjabi dishes and even with Chinese noodles!!

Now that you know so many random facts about PK, here is one about me 🙂

If I want to lie down on the bed for few minutes, if I have to watch TV on sofa or even if I have to go to sleep, I can only rest my head on PK’s arm.. Usually the right one… If he wants to play on his mobile while I am sleeping on his arm, he plays with his one hand but the other one is for me only. If he wants to work or send emails on his laptop, he does it with one hand only, the other one is booked for me.. I really feel bad writing this but his arm literally becomes numb in the middle of the night, then he asks me very politely if I can sleep on a pillow for a while. I really feel bad that I harass him this much but I cannot help it 😦

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11 Responses to Random facts about PK :)

  1. chipmunk says:

    he married yu for this only 🙂 nothing to feel bad in this dear 😀 but i can give a title that he s a craziest cufflink person i have seen 🙂 I like the sand clock one!

  2. My Era says:

    Wow! that’s lots of interesting facts about PK and I like his cufflink collection, pretty unique 🙂

  3. Jazz says:

    Hmm that was a cool list and the last one is the best. 😉

    One of them is also my husband Imran’s habit, of buying only branded stuff for the same reason you mentioned. 🙂

    • oh do you think last one is the best?? hehehehe 😉
      so PK & Imran have a similarity 🙂
      I don’t really give importance to brands… As far as I like the thing, I will buy it without looking at brand but yeah quality does matter 🙂

  4. Nice to know more about PK. I don’t think any of these facts are crazy, rather unique to him, I like his cufflink collection, my hubby is also very particular about brand, about buying in bulk he does too..

    I like the last one more, but sorry to hear PK hand gets numb.

    I like to sleep between my hubby’s arms and chest. It takes out all my stress..

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