I got fooled….

I was so waiting for the movie “Student of the year” release. I wanted to see that movie in cinema hall. So, on Saturday, I rang my close friend AP to ask her if she and her hubby are free & if they want to join us for the movie. She did not answered the call but her husband NP, who is PK’s close friend said that they will join us but on Sunday if possible. So, I confirmed with him that if they are 100% sure of joining us on Sunday, we can wait for them for a day. So, it was decided that NP will book the tickets for all of us.

Next day, that is Sunday morning, when we were still in bed, PK received a text message from NP saying – “Hi guys, tickets booked for Paranormal Activity for 2.30 pm show today. It’s horror time, see you soon.”

I was shocked. I thought I have read it incorrect because I am still in sleep. I read it again, asked PK to read the text again but the message we read was for Paranormal Activity and not for SOTY. I was so angry on NP that I did not spoke to him but I texted his wife to confirm if we are seriously watching horror movie today & she confirmed that yes, her hubby booked for six of us, one more couple – DK & CK were going to join us.

I asked PK to call NP to ask him if he was joking or what. Why he did not asked us before booking for any other movie. Then I went to the kitchen to make some uttapas for breakfast. Went back to the bedroom again, PK was talking to NP, I asked PK to put the phone on speaker, I asked NP why he booked for horror movie when I had to watch SOTY? He already knew we waited for them for a day so that we can all go together. Why he did not even felt like asking us once if we are willing to watch that movie or not. NP replied that all guys decided that they have to watch horror movie and not a romantic movie. I was like Huh.. all guys decided??? What about us?? Why he did not asked PK?? Is PK not a guy?? PK was giving signs to me to stop questioning, so I stopped and said that is fine.. may be next time.. 😦

So, my morning started in a bad mood & poor PK is the one who has to suffer because of my bad mood. I opened the wardrobe & could not decide what to wear. I told PK that I do not have anything to wear and that I have already wore all the clothes I have, with the friend and I don’t want to repeat, you can understand the typical confusion of girls 🙂 He gave the typical guys reply, “How much ever you do the shopping, it will never be enough for you, where are the dresses you bought the last week? Blah blah blah…”

He went to take bath, I again asked him something & I again got the “typical guys” reply.  I was so angry & upset that I went in the bathroom, picked up the dirty mug lying on the bathroom floor, filled it with chilled water & started throwing it on PK, who is always scared of cold water and was taking hot shower in the shower panel.

We both shouted at each other & left the home.We reached the cinema hall where we met the third couple, DK & CK, DK is 4 months pregnant. I suddenly realized how DK will watch that horror movie in that condition. I asked her if she is comfortable in watching that movie. She said “Do you really think NP has booked tickets for Paranormal Activity? He knows I am pregnant, he will not book for that movie & you know how much naughty he is, he is just kidding, don’t trust him”

Now, I trust NP’s wife AP very much. She is my closest friend here. So, I told DK that AP has said yes… Wait, let me call them again. I dialed NP’s number, started shouting at him again that he does not even thinks about a pregnant girl and blah blah blah…

Their PK said “Your husband was also the part of this game”

At first I did not understood anything & then realized that they all were making fool of me… They all were joking, we were going to watch SOTY only and not eh horror movie.. Everyone was laughing at me….. aarrggggggg……..

Pk got hit by me for about 500 times… NP was so scared that he will be murdered by me so he was not even able to stand next to me & poor AP.. She said that she was going to tell me on text message but NP has asked her not to inform me…

But then it was so much fun to watch SOTY with the friends.. We came out of cinema hall, went at DK’s place, boys had some beer & then they left for their steak dinner.. We girls ordered Pizza delivery & just talked & talked & talked… Whenever we meet, our talks are endless… just for records this was the first time we girls did not joined guys for dinner, we thought it will be more fun to talk on girlie topics & have some girls time 🙂

So, this was my weekend.. How was yours???

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15 Responses to I got fooled….

  1. Dhivya says:

    Such a cute story. Even I thought that the guy has insensitively booked tickets for some other movie but its so cute that they all wanted to fool you. You seem to have some good friends, that is not always an easy thing. God Bless !

  2. chipmunk says:

    he he funny 🙂 🙂 man you got smokes 🙂 pity for u 😛 😛 but already you punished pk with cold water and 500 kicks 😉 hmmmmmmm he is really strong eh!!!

    • The main point is even though I was fuming till 2.00 pm since morning, he did not even uttered a word.. This man!!! I am telling you.. 😉

      • chipmunk says:

        he he he 🙂 🙂 guys at times are known for that 😀 pity u 🙂 🙂 but though they made yu angry t was fun filled day for u 🙂 i got angry at a friend of yours 🙂 when a 4mnth pregi women ought to see that movie 🙂 at least she told u the truth 😛

      • yeah really.. she was so sure that she did not even bothered to asked NP if he was joking !!!

  3. Good that finally you could watch the movie, I would have been mad too if I can’t watch the movie I intent to watch. how was it? we might watch coming Friday 🙂

  4. Jazz says:

    I was getting angry on your friend for not consulting you on the movie but I’m glad it was a happy ending. 🙂

  5. Mayborn Gemini says:

    Nice narration. I was fuming when reading the part about booking tickets for some other movie, knowing you wanted to see SOTY. but reading the whole thing made me smile…they went to so much lengths to fool you.

  6. My Era says:

    Wow! what a prank 😆
    Am glad you all had a great time together and enjoyed the movie you wanted to see with wonderful friends 🙂

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