PK knows magic :)

Whole day in the office yesterday was crazy for me. I was mad at one of my colleagues because she said that she never read any of my e-mails because she is always busy. I was like what??? Does she thinks her work is only important & my work is not important?? Is it not rude when you say to someone on their face that you are not reading their emails because she is busy & she will read the emails of her own group only, even though the subject says “Please read, important instructions”? ? And then later she will be running to me to ask about the same thing which has already been explained in email.. Phew!!

Afternoon I spend on phone with one of our suppliers who has increased the prices without even letting us know & we were paying him heaps more for months. Why he did not inform us? He reduced the price when I calledhim first but not much. Again I called & again he reduced the prices, so why can’t he reduce it in the first place only, why taking up my time & eating my head?? Grrrr….

I had bought some Bananas and a Rock melon in the morning, while on my way to the office. As soon as the clock strucks five in the evening, I don’t know what happens, my mind stops thinking about anything else other than that I have to catch the express train so that I can meet PK jaldi jaldi & in all this, I forgot to take the fruits with me, they are still lying on the empty desk near me & the smell of this ripen Rock melon is like Oh God… I cannot wait to go home & cut it and eat it… But why I forgot to take them yesterday??? 😦

OK then, as it was Thursday, a long shopping day here, I wanted to go for some retail therapy and have dinner outside & relax myself but PK had something else in mind, he came to pick me up in his summer shorts & T-shirt, not at all in the mood to go out, he just wanted to relax at home. So, I made an excuse to buy some yoghurt from Indian supermarket, so that I can browse on some aisles and at least do some grocery shopping if I can’t go for other retail therapy 😉

PK saw some Dal-wada mix there & asked me to prepare it at home, since he loves Dal-wada and he use to eat them near his college in Ahmedabad, he was very excited. I cannot say no to him when I see him very happy or excited for something. So, we reached home, I relaxed for 10 minutes & went to the kitchen only to find out that the kitchen sink is a mess with dirty dishes, it is stinking because BIL has again not done his duty for 2 days. So, we keep on cooking & cooking, everyone keeps on eating & eating & taking lunch but no one wants to do dishes 😦

I quickly washed only our lunch boxes for next day, mean while PK was chopping onions, green chillies & garlic. I fried green chillies, made the batter for Dal-wada, fried first batch & it came out too oily.

Fried second batch… again it was so oily & then the third batch was the same, so I got upset. We cannot eat these for dinner, the oil was literally dripping from them. I had no other option other than to throw away the leftover batter 😦

Then I suddenly realized that I had roasted the Eggplants a day before for making Baigan Bhartha. I opened the oven, praying to God to please save those Eggplants & don’t let them go bad and…. they looked OK. I was relieved because I don’t like to waste food. So, I prepared Baigan Bhartha, by the time it was 8.45 already. I was so angry because of tiredness. PK kept saying Sorry, he was feeling guilty that I got tired because of his demand to eat Dal-wada with green chillies & onions.

I did not even had energy to eat the dinner, so I cleaned the kitchen quickly & came in the bed-room. I was not able to sleep either because of tiredness or may be because my mind was still running thousand miles a minute. I was not able to relax, I felt that I still have a lot of things to do before going to sleep, you know how we feel after doing back to back non-stop work. PK saw this and asked me to eat something. So, he bought some Baigan Bhartha with Lebanese bread & gave me the plate.

Me: Will you not feed me today? I am very tired.

PK: I am tired too baby, sorry…  please eat yourself I will bring water for you.

After eating 2 bites, I was not able to eat, tears started rolling out, I wiped them quickly, PK entered the room with water bottle in his hand. I returned the plate to PK saying I don’t want to eat. PK just sat next to me & cuddled me in his arms. Before he says anything I started crying again. PK hugged me, kissed me & kept on apologizing, he was really feeling sorry.

Then he kept teasing me on how I go red when I am crying and how he likes me even though I look messy with my crazy hair and red nose & just made me laugh with his silly jokes. He asked few questions like what will I wear tomorrow to the office since it is Friday, where do I want to go for dinner, what I want to do for weekend??

And in all this, I did not even realized that PK has fed me all the dinner & also he had made me feel relaxed, my mind was now in sane condition. We chatted for a while & then he made me go to sleep by patting me & caressing me.

I would have really gone mad if PK did not knew this magic on how to relax my mind & how to bring be back to mentally stable condition 🙂

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8 Responses to PK knows magic :)

  1. Jazz says:

    Aww that is so sweet, may your lovely time stay forever, touchwood. 🙂

    My husband too knows a magic, that is how to make me laugh when I’m tensed or upset. He’ll mimic or do crazy things which I adore. 😀

  2. Yeah it is irritating when others don’t read your mail and respond.

    You are doing awesome fighting for your rights and getting correct pricing for the company.Keep it up.

    I hope you get to eat your fruits today 🙂

    I can’t deep fry easily too, I always make mess or burn my hand, so these days I do such things one in a while, did you make sure the old is hot enough? sometimes what I have seen is if the oil is not hot it absorbs more oil.

    One suggestion you can buy a dishwasher rt? if you are cooking daily it is a saver. We hardly wash dishes by hand.

    PK is such a sweet and caring person, may you both stay like this forever.

    Happy weekend dear!! Have lots of fun with PK.

    • As soon as I reached home, first thing I did was cutting that Rock melon lol
      The first batch I fried was on medium heat then increased the heat..
      Second batch I fried was on high heat but still dal-wadas were oily 😦
      We already have dishwasher but we never use it, may be we will have to start now.. Do you put big pots as well in dishwasher? I am not sure if we can…
      Thank you LF 🙂

  3. Dishwasher : Yes everything goes including cooker etc. we do zero hand washing.
    It also saves lot of water than hand washing. Also I get back pain if I wash dishes standing for longtime.Remember to take all the solid waste out, also remember to buy the dishwasher liquid, I once used hand washing liquid and it was a disaster.
    The vessels comes very clean especially the ceramics plates , glass, etc. If you are putting plastic, check the note from manufacture if it is dishwasher safe. Use hot water option if the vessels are greecy(like Indian cooking), if the heated dry is on it comes even dried, you can transfer to the cabinets directly(no additional drying required). Hope this helps.

  4. sjscribbles says:

    Awwww..So cute ! May you and PK remain this happy couple forever !

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