Train wednesdays with BIL

So, I have been traveling alone in train since three weeks. With PK, the train travel to and from office was like a one hour date with PK every morning & evening. We used to talk about our life, make our goals and make plans to achieve those goals, financial planning, chatting about our day-to-day life, gossiping about our office staff & also I used to bore him with all the daily soap stories while munching on chips or biscuits or samosas or sushi rolls.

Now that PK has changed his job, his new company is just 15 minutes drive from where we stay. Though he drops me and picks me up from station, I miss him immensely in train. Like suddenly I have lost my company, I have to sit quietly in train without uttering a word which is very difficult!!!

I pass my time watching some daily soap videos which I download in the bathroom every morning, Lol. What?? I have to do something in train no..

Every Wednesday & Friday, BIL has to go for his morning job, rest of the days he works night shifts. So, apart from Wednesdays & Fridays we do not meet BIL in morning because by the time he comes home after his night shift we are already gone for work.

Now, previously when PK & I used to leave together for work, BIL would never leave with us even though our timing was same. Either he used to leave before or after we are gone.

Last Wednesday, BIL did not said anything to us, he just got ready in the morning & waited for us, sometimes in kitchen drinking water or sometimes in living room picking up remote, sometimes near the prayer place to pass his time. PK & I were watching this from dining table while we were having breakfast. I was confused & so was PK.

We both took our bags & opened the door to leave, BIL did not said anything he just took his bag & followed us to the car park. PK & I were like what’s going on?? Before we reach our car, he opened the door of back seat of our car & sat inside. We left for the train station, PK & BIL were talking on some silly topic but I was quiet & afraid because I did not want BIL to be with me at train station & then in same train for whole one hour. It will be an awkward situation for me & I will be very uncomfortable.

I said bye to PK, not like I usually say. Just a light hug & peck on his cheek, that too very uncomfortably because BIL was still in the car watching us & probably waiting for me to step down before him?? I don’t know!!

Anyways, while climbing the stairs of station I told BIL that I have to buy ticket so he can go ahead but he denied and waited there with me in the queue till I buy my ticket. It was so awkward, I am telling you, without PK, only me & BIL on station!!

I was then waiting for my train & BIL was standing beside me. As soon as the train came, I literally ran & jumped in the train and took the corner window seat. To my disbelief, BIL came & sat next to me. Why would he do that?? Can’t he take any other seat in the train?? The train was not at all full. There were so many vacant seats around. I just took out my ipod from my bag & started watching serials. He tried to speak like what I am watching & which app I have downloaded, I replied very briefly & behaved as if I am very busy in watching the videos.

Now you will say why I feel that much awkward?? It’s because I am not comfortable when he is around me. Not even in the kitchen, when I am cooking & he has to stand next to me and wash his dishes or even if has to stand just like that. I just don’t like it. BIL knows this and many times PK has asked him to go and sit in living room when I am in the kitchen. Now he does not repeat the kitchen scene but to sit the train with BIL for one hour that too when PK is not around, I cannot digest it.

PK calls me every day after I am settled in train, probably after 10-15 minutes. So he called me as usual & asked where BIL is sitting? When I replied that he is sitting right next to me, he was shocked. Because once it happened that three of us were on train station, we all caught the same train but BIL went to sit on lower deck while PK & I went to sit on the upper deck. At that time if BIL would have sat with us, I would not have reacted this way but this time, when I am not with PK, I don’t think he has to follow me on stairs, in the queue and even sit right next to me. Does he thinks that when PK is not with me he has to behave like PK & be with me like PK always is??

Today, the same thing happened again. BIL got ready with us in the morning, followed us to the car park, and followed me on the stairs of train station. But I acted smart today.  While he was going down on the stairs I stopped for a while, acting like I am sending a sms to someone. He went ahead & then I went and stood at the different place, I mean not at my usual place.

But BIL came and waited next to me again!!! As soon as the train came, I hopped in & went on the upper deck & sat in middle of other 2 girls, BIL went to lower deck & disappeared. Phew!! Thank God!! I hope he understood by my actions that I am not happy to sit with him.

Yes, yes, PK was so curious to know, he called after 5 minutes and asked where BIL sat.. hahahaha!!!

Tell me, Am I only one who feels so uncomfortable in situations like these???

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10 Responses to Train wednesdays with BIL

  1. MomWithaDot says:

    Of cOurse NOT ! I’d be the same too. Wud rather miss my train than endure such an ordeal 🙂 !

  2. Jazz says:

    I can understand, sometimes I feel uncomfortable with some people too though they might be good to me, I hope you get it.

    My SIL’s husband and me had to be at home alone for breakfast once and we felt so uncomfortable. I made some bf, packed my box and left soon for office that morning. 🙂

    Anyway, what you did was fine. You can simply sit beside some people when he comes with you.

    • tandooripanipurilife says:

      You really did that Jazz?? hehehehe
      I guess we both did not had any other option apart from running away as soon as possible 🙂

  3. I am extremely comfortable with my BILs, when I was living wit my sister there were many situations where I was alone with my BIL, he is more like a brother, father and my well wisher, I have even consulted with him many times whether it is for job, my future plans, also when I was dating my boyfriend my current husband, he always gives me wise advise. I have one more BIL and I can approach to any of them for any help and they help me/us every time. I don’t have brother but I don’t miss that gap.

    Unless you have a valid reason to feel uncomfortable with him you should just treat him normal, as long as his intentions are straight forward I don’t see a need for you or PK or him to suspect his acts.Just my 2 cents.

    • tandooripanipurilife says:

      Are both of your BILs younger than your husband?
      I cannot see a brother in him I don’t know why. I don’t say that his intentions a not straight forward but he acts very immature. To just give you example, I have mentioned about how he wants to know every thing PK & I talk about, how he does not understand that we need privacy, how he took my under garments from the dryer and folded them when we were not at home and many which I have not yet mentioned here.
      These are very small incidents but all together have made me very uncomfortable in his presence 😦

    • tandooripanipurilife says:

      But really good to know that you are very close to your BILs 🙂

  4. Jay says:

    On second thoughts, perhaps he only wanted to be your ‘guardian’ in the absence of PK. You did say he is immature and all. 😛 Then again, follow your gut feelings. We don’t feel uncomfortable for no reason.

    • tandooripanipurilife says:

      Yes, you are right, PK & I both thought may be he is wanted to be my guardian, (I don’t need one though) but following me everyone & then sitting next to me when there are plenty of seats vacant??? Don’t know 🙂

  5. I am not maried though but still would like to comment on it as because your BIL is not so friendly with you may be thats why you feel uncomfy arround him and thats pretty obvious…

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