Do you know my PK????

that PK who is my life, whom I love more than a heart loves its beats.

that PK, without whom I cannot even think about anything.

that PK, who has always been with me no matter what the situation is.

that PK, who has taken the stand for me, always, whenever I am questioned by in-laws.

that PK, who protects me like a baby whenever we are out. “Oh it’s a stone here, walk carefully”

that PK, who always holds my hands while walking on the road, crossing the signals.

that PK, who cares for me so much. “Oh your hair are still wet, bring your hair dryer I will dry them for you otherwise you will get cold”

that PK who feeds me whole meal with his own hands if I say I am tired!!

that PK, whom I dream about whenever I am watching or listening any romantic songs.

that PK, who has taught me not to be afraid of anyone if I am right.

that PK, who was the one to take initiative to build up the trust in our relationship, when I was newly married to him & afraid of telling him about MIL’s behaviour towards me, he understood everything and helped me & made me feel comfortable.

that PK, who fought with MIL when we were in India & MIL was not allowing me to go to Surat to be with my siblings on their birthdays & then he himself booked our tickets so that we can be with my family.

that PK, who does not care about his Mom if he is supporting me in right thing.

that PK, who asked MIL to give me whatever jewellery I want to bring here when she was not ready to give me any.

that PK, who has always asked me to speak up, whenever MIL has insulted me on phone.

that PK, who has always said that he will give me all the happiness on behalf of his parents whenever I miss the love that DIL gets from her in-laws.

that PK, who himself has apologised to my parents because the in-laws have insulted them or complaint on me.

That PK, who feels ashamed if MIL ill behaves with my Mom on phone.

That PK, who has hugged me whenever I miss my parents, who has immediately called my Mom & Dad and asked them to talk to me for few minutes because I am missing them.

That PK, who looks up on my Dad & says he wants to be like my Dad.

That PK, who admires my Mom, he feels like my Mom’s words are precious to him, he says that no one has explained  him values & virtues of life like my Mom. He has said that he has learned a lot from my Mom.

that PK, who does not let me stand in the kitchen alone, he will stand there, help me in some or other thing while cooking so that I am not alone in the kitchen.

that PK, who does not let me deep fry anything in kitchen because he gets scared when I stand near hot oil.

that PK, who does not let me grate any veggies because he gets scared that I might cut my finger while grating any veggies.

That PK, who has always cuddled me & made me feel safe in his arms whenever I am scared while asleep because of any nightmare or any noise from outside.

That PK, who can never see me in pain even if I am getting my eye-brows done, If I am doing my waxing at home, he cannot see me doing that just because he feels that it might be hurting me when it actually is not. I have seen him walking here and there in tension till I finish waxing.

That PK, who is always worried what I will eat whenever we go out because I am vegetarian and sometimes it is difficult to find veg here.. He first takes 3 rounds, inspects what is good vegetarian food available, asks me if I can eat it or not, then first buys for me & then he buys for himself.

That PK, who has always, always, always, believe me or not, in these 3.5 years have fed every first morsel of every meal to me and then had eaten himself.

That PK, who has never forced me to eat non-veg food just because he eats it or he likes it.

That PK, who takes me to eat Pani-Puri every weekend without a miss because he knows how much I love it & if I don’t eat it one weekend I will crave for it for whole of next week.

That PK, who runs after me while we are in shopping mall because I always go here & there, looking at dresses, shoes, cosmetics and he says it is difficult to find me once I enter any shopping mall.

That Pk, who goes through all the aisles of the dresses to find me the perfect dress, who waits for hours when I am selecting which hairclip to buy from 2 options.

That PK, who is always curious to know my thoughts, my wishes, my reactions because he wants to know how I feel & what I am thinking about something.

That PK, who have always spoken to me with respect. My family & friends are always surprised whenever they have seen PK talking to me using “Aap” while all our male friends or family members always use “tu” or “tum” while talking to their female partners. It’s not that I asked him to or I expect him to talk like this with me but he has always been like this.

that PK, who never lets me eat anything that has fallen on dining table or sofa. I have this very bad habit. For example, if a chips fall on dining table while eating, I will pick it up and eat it.

That PK, who wants to buy best things for me. You know, how we girls are.. like personally me, wherever I see anything less expensive even though cheap quality things, I will rush to buy it but he always says to me that he will buy me same product but in good quality even though it is expensive. He never wants me to use any cheap & bad quality products.

That PK, who waits for 3 long hours outside in the car, under the sun while I am in parlour getting my treatments done.

That PK, who has always picked up pillows, napkins, towels, combs, magazines, blanket from the floor which I throw on him when I am angry.

That Pk, who collects all the things which fell on the floor by my mistake, whether it is coriander leaves, onion shells, garlic peel…

That PK, who comes to drop me at train station at 7.45 am, goes back to home, leaves for his job at 8.15 am. He comes back home at 5.00 pm then again comes to pick me up at 5.45 pm from train station. I have to mention this because we have to climb 4 long stairs to reach our home upstairs. And to climb the stairs twice in half an hour is very tiresome. I have asked him many times that I will walk for 15 minutes to home but he does not wants me to walk, he wants me to be with him as soon as we both finish work.

That PK, who calls me “MJ” no… no… not Michael Jackson but “Meri  Jaan” is the full form of MJ.

There are many more things about PK I want to share but may be part 2???

I know some of these are very silly points but these very small gestures of PK have made me feel loved & pampered & been taken care of in this new country. These small gestures have made me more close to him. Truly blessed to have PK in my life.


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14 Responses to Do you know my PK????

  1. shaktii says:

    God bless!! so sweet of him..i believe that you are also equally same in taking care of him..

  2. Jay says:

    You are one lucky girl. That said, I am sure your PK is one lucky guy himself. 😀

  3. Jazz says:

    Aww that was so sweet dear, it is good to sometimes recognize those things our spouses do for us.

    Loved it. 🙂

  4. He is a sweetheart..Hold him tight 🙂

  5. Mayborn Gemini says:

    wow, najar utaaro for Pk….And you be nice to him, no throwing things at him.Lol
    Looks like he is a really nice person…

    • tandooripanipurilife says:

      hahaha.. I know but if he takes my care like babies I have to act like babies no LOL
      Yes he is very nice person & understanding too, touch wood.
      will put kala tikka today behind Pk’s ear today 🙂

  6. chipmunk2890 says:

    did he read this post 🙂 he ll blush 🙂 every girl who is married ll have stomach burning if she reads this post 😀 😀 😀 touch wood that ur love keeps going 🙂

    • tandooripanipurilife says:

      Unfortunately he does not knows that I have started blogging, I did told him everything in words while having dinner on the day when I wrote this post… I just wish every girl gets a loving & caring husband like PK 🙂

  7. i was reading all your posts since yesterday and this one really brought tears in my eyes.I just managed to hold them since im in offc.But truly, reading you is a pleasure. i just wonder how do u manage your time to write so much here. My parents are in search of a suitable match for me and im tensed a lot these days about that.The thought of me going to live with some stranger is really scary to me.I know there are many nice guys around just like yours, but still you it feels. And reading experiences from ppl like you makes me feel like donn worry dear go onn, you too will find some one so good and your life will be magical just like theirs.Thanks Author for the wonderdful post.

    • Aweeee Thanks for your wonderful words…. but why tears sweet heart???

      I will say trust your parents.. really.. no parents have heart to give away their sweet daughter to whom they don’t trust.. I am not telling you to say YES for the guy you don’t like..

      I can understand.. those butterflies.. those thoughts..who that guy will be, how his family will be..will he support me or not.. how my life will be after marriage.. You will get all answers once you will meet him.. he will be a stranger only for first & second meeting.. after that he will not be a stranger.. he will be the MOST important person in your life..

      Yes.. from my personal experience.. I am telling you, don’t worry.. you will surely find your prince charming soon & who knows.. he will more better than PK huh?? 🙂

      may be after sometime.. I will be reading on your blog about you & your Rajkumar eh?? All the best dear & tight hugs to you..

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