On shopping weekend & BIL’s birthday

It is BIL’s birthday today.  I hope this year makes him matured as per his age & in his behaviour.  I hope he gets, married soon so that he understands the relationship of a husband & wife and how it feels when someone keeps interfering in their personal life. I hope he understands the meaning of “giving personal space” soon.

So, yesterday PK & I went for shopping. I had to buy some formal tops for this summer season & birthday gift for BIL & we also had to buy…. I don’t know if I should write this here or not…. ehhhhh…. OK…… so we are thinking of “planning our family” after the in-laws are gone (next year) so we had to buy the insurance cover at least six months before we think about baby..

I know this is very personal thing to be shared here, I myself had not thought of sharing this but as I write I feel like keep writing about my thoughts on this topic.  We think that after 3.5 years of our marriage we both are now ready to think about our family.  Also, not to mention the family pressure, they all are eagerly waiting for the news.

MOM & MIL are already competing with each other on who will come here when they will get the news. Here is their phone conversation,  MIL to Mom – “Oh, you have big family, you have kids(my  2 sisters & bro) to look after, we don’t have anyone here to look after, you will not be able to stay with your daughter for longer period when they will give the news”  My Mom, I tell you she is so smart, she replied to MIL – “Good thing of living in big family is that I can go for months to live with my daughter when she will really need me, there will be people at home to look after other kids & family” hahahaha

I still remember till last year I was not ready at all, I always used to be scared.  I used to tell PK that I could not think about any third person in our life be it our own child, I still want to spend more & more time with him. But after hearing the news from our friend circle & after talking to my Bhabhi (Aunty), I thought I was ready.

Now you must be thinking what my Bhabhi told me?? When I shared my thoughts about family planning with her on phone, she said “Don’t be scared, the third person who will enter your life will be your own baby, the baby will not create distance between you and PK but you both will come more close to each other, the baby will keep you both attached. Now, you both love each other but then you both will shower your love on the baby, the baby will make your bond more strong” I still cannot translate her words in English properly but whatever she said really touched my heart.

Having written all this, we still have a year to plan our family and here I am dreaming of our future already. We are still waiting for our house construction to start, most probably it will start in November. We selected the interior wall colours, door designs & handles & kitchen colours etc on Saturday. Then another mission is “The in-laws visit” they will be here till March 2013, we will be in tourist mode only while they will be here.  In between, we have to go to India.  Oh God, lots and lots going on in my mind now.

See, I got diverted from the topic. So, we first we went to buy insurance, it was closed. LOL. Then, we went to shop for my summer formal wear but instead I bought something else. I can never shop as per planned. I bought 2 summery tops, 2 summery dresses (midis)one is turquoise blue in colour, you know the ones which are smaller in length in front & little longer at the back & other one is in tribal print black & skin colour with slanting cut at the bottom. Then I bought 3 pairs of pjs & tops to wear at home, all in bright colours like aqua green, orange, sea blue, pink.. yay!!! cannot wait to wear them.  Oh, I also bought 2 pairs of footwears. The deal was buy one and get second pair for  AUD 10. So, I bought a peep toe black pumps for office wear & second one is kinda like a baby pink chappal with gold detailing.

Thank God we don’t have to wear those heavy jackets & sweaters anymore. I don’t like them, they make us so heavy, phew!! Oh and we also bought a watch box. PK is very fond of watches, he already had one box but it is full of watches already so we bought another one. Did I told you he is fond of cuff links as well? I bought a cuff links box, to store all his cuff links & also 2 pairs of cufflinks with it last week as a surprise gift for him. I gave to him when he came to pick me up from train station 🙂

Ok, then we had to buy BIL’s gift, we bought a shirt & a T-shirt for him & gave him yesterday itself, so that if he wants he can wear any one of them today, on his birthday. He liked them both & he decided to wear the shirt today.  We will buy the cake on our way to home today. Not sure if we will go out for dinner because BIL has his night shift work today. I will make Sev-Puri chaat & Chicken Biryani tonight if we don’t go out.

Anything else I should update????? Ehhh!!! Oh yes, we ate burgers & Gozleme at the food court yesterday. If you don’t know, Gozleme is Turkish bread stuffed with cheese & spinach. It was yummers!! We returned home so tired that I did not cooked anything. We had leftover PavBhaji in fridge. I did not even had energy to heat it & eat. So, PK warmed it up, brought the plate in bedroom, made small bites of bread, dipped it in Bhaji & fed me, while I was watching latest episode of India’s got talent. He is such a sweet-heart, I am telling you, sometimes I even bug him by saying that I have cooked the meal & now he only has to feed me so that I chat with him while eating or watch any daily soaps online.

Ok.. enough of rambling for today, I hope you all have a good week ahead 🙂


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6 Responses to On shopping weekend & BIL’s birthday

  1. Your mom is very intelligent 🙂

    Having a baby will change your life, I would say in a very positive way. I have similar thoughts like your Bhabhi,Myself and R has stronger relationship after we had the baby, also I have had better relation with my in laws after the baby, they say we don’t have any blood relation with in laws but the babies connect us with a blood relation on both side(you get it right?)

    Today I unpacked my winter cloths and I have to say goodbye to my shorts for sometime now. Good week for you..Happy Birthday to BIL 🙂

    • tandooripanipurilife says:

      I understood your first point LF, I have never thought that a baby can make the relationship with in-laws better. hmmm… good point 🙂
      Oh you said goodbye to your shorts!!! I like babies in their warm clothes, you know small sweaters, socks, and caps..Enjoy this winter with hot soups and warm clothes 🙂

  2. Jazz says:

    You know even me and my husband have these doubts regarding kids, we don’t seem to be ready yet. But I’m glad for you, I’m sure the baby will bring loads of happiness in your lives and build a stronger bond. 🙂

    • tandooripanipurilife says:

      I and PK were in same position as you till last year. We gradually got this feeling that we were ready. I hope you both will get the same feeling soon 🙂

  3. chipmunk2890 says:

    first post i read from ur blog and its a good news 🙂 all the best for your future first:) ur mommy is too smart to wit her competitor 🙂 convey my wishes to her 🙂 and coming to part of march 2013 🙂 plan ur baby b4 that and skip the trip if u r so lazy to patch up with ur mil 😛

    • tandooripanipurilife says:

      Welcome welcome here Chipmunk 🙂
      Glad that the first post you read here is the good news one, other wise many of my posts are hot very happy one.

      I know, PK also says the same thing about my Mom, will pass on the wishes.

      Well it depends on our house construction also before we plan our baby because we want to be settled in our new house before our baby arrives 🙂

      Thanks a lot for stopping by 🙂 Have a great weekend!!

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