Fun Weekend!!

Last weekend was a long weekend for us. It was public holiday on Monday.  On Saturday morning we were invited by a friend for Ganesh Visarjan.  We did the pooja at friend’s place and then went to a river nearby and quickly did the Visarjan beacuse it is not allowed here.

Then we returned to friend’s place again where they had prepared lunch of puri, gobi sabji, aloo sabji, gujarati daal, rice, fresh corn halwa, gajar ka halwa, papad and achaar. We just ate and ate and ate.

Returned home at about 5.00 in the evening, only to get ready and go to Navaratri celebration. I did not have any traditional Chaniya Choli so I had to wear Indian dress.  It was so much fun playing Garba after 2 years with big group of friends. Achal Mehta, A well-known singer in Baroda was there. Oh and we ate Vada-Pavs and Methi Gotta and PavBhaji from the stalls they had near the auditorium and returned home at about 12 at night.

Saturday was very busy and tiring day for us, though we had a lot of fun on that day.  We woke up at 8.00 am (I know too early to wake up on weekend).  All of our friends and us decided to go to a park and do the barbecue. The weather was lovely.  Summer has just started here so everyone was in shorts and tees.

For Barbequing, I prepared Seekh kababs, and another friend prepared Tandoori Chicken and Prawns marinated in green chutney.  While Boys were enjoying their drinks, doing the grilling and eating, we girls (mostly all girls are veggie) were enjoying the veg delicacies that everyone bought. I had prepared Chinese noodles, we bought Veggie Puffs from Indian Store. Other friends prepared Beetroot Pulav & Veg wraps.

One of my friend announced that she was three months pregnant. We all were so happy for her and so the celebrations doubled with champagne. She is expecting her first baby in April. She was bombarded with questions from all the other girls like how she found out that she is pregnant, how is she feeling now, how they informed their parents and the list goes on.

It was getting cold in the evening so we all went at a friend’s home. We watched Oh my God movie there, all set on the sofa with the blanket, lights off and laughing and discussing, eating a bowl of Bhel.. yumm!!!  Then watched the India-Pakistan cricket match at 12.00 pm. Oh, so much fun!!  Well, I dozed off by 1.00 pm while everyone else was awake till 3.00 pm.

We saw Sunday morning at 12.00 pm next day with sore legs due to running and playing in park, head ache because of untimely sleep. Just ate bread & omelette and then slept again. Woke up in the evening, prepared for office next day and then slept again.

All in all, it was a fun weekend with friends and lots of sleep 🙂

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2 Responses to Fun Weekend!!

  1. Jazz says:

    Wow such good food and news.. Seems like a super fun weekend. Be happy. 🙂

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