YAYs & NAYs!!!

Okay So.. We are going to Snowy Mountains & Canberra this weekend… YAY!!!!

We will be taking half day off on Friday. Start driving to Canberra at about 3.00 ish. Stay in Canberra Friday night and then go to Snowy Mountains early Saturday morning. Saturday we will spend there and Sunday we will spend in Canberra itself, will update about this trip when we return. YAY!!

We were booking our accommodation yesterday, we both were discussing which hotel to book & then we saw a mystery deal on the website. We bought that deal & were so excited to see that it is a nice executive suite in an amazing 4.5 star hotel in Canberra. YAY!!!

Not sure how we will inform this to MIL, she will start her comparison again. NAY!!!

I bought nice Kadhi-Chawal for lunch today, but it’s one of my colleague’s Birthday today so we will be going out for lunch. YAY for going out and NAY for not able to eat Kadhi-Chawal!!

It is very quite in the office now, I can only hear typing noise. Suddenly, there is a voice of my colleague talking on phone to a restaurant “Hi, Do you serve any Vegetarian dishes?” And everybody in the office turns around and looks at me. This is so embarrassing. Yes, I am the only veggie in whole office and whenever we have to go for team lunch, everyone is worried for me only. NAY!!! NAY !!!:(

So, everyone has decided to go to Yumcha today, it will be my first experience there. Hopefully I will get to eat something nice there.

I don’t know why I feel its Thursday already, is it me or the week is passing by really quickly???

PK was desperately looking for new job since a month, he finally got the confirmation for his new job yesterday. I am so happy for him. YAY!!

We both travel together to office and back to home in train, which will change from now onwards as his new job is just 10 minutes drive from our home, so I won’t get his company in train. Very very sad 😦 NAY!!

Tomorrow is full day boring training in Office. NAY!!

I have decided to go get my nails done today & my hair done tomorrow. I may also do some shopping tomorrow for the weekend trip as it is Thursday tomorrow which is long shopping day here. YAY!!

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