Blue Mountains trip & Facebook Status!!

We woke up on Saturday morning at about 9.30ish. We got ready and had our breakfast of omelet and bread and off we went to Blue Mountains. It was a long drive of about one and half hours.

Weather was beautiful there though little bit cold. First we stopped to see the Three Sisters. Three Sisters is basically three rocks for which Blue Mountains is famous for & then there is waterfall on one side and a single big rock on other side. This single rock is named ORPHAN as it is standing alone there. 

Then we went to Scenic World of Blue Mountains. We enjoyed the rides of steepest train, Cable way & Skyway. It was so much fun. We had coffee, chips, banana bread & bought fridge magnets as souvenirs.

We returned at about 6.30 & quickly had dinner of Pasta and garlic bread & then we received PIL’s mail telling that they were waiting for our call and missing us and all that. So, we called them, spoke with them for about half an hour, it was a happy chat but we did not informed them that we have been to Blue mountains thinking that MIL will again start the comparisions again.

But, my bad luck that I updated the face book status on Saturday that we are enjoying the rides here at Blue Mountains & PIL read that on Sunday.. It was Father’s day on Sunday & we had to call them to wish them.

First question to us was “Where did you went yesterday?” We told MIL that we went to Blue Mountains and there she started, “Good for you, you guys have Car, roads in Australia are so nice & smooth, there are so many tourist places you can go and have fun, we are unfortunate here, we don’t have car, with whom we should go out, we are sitting alone here, cannot pass our time, here roads are so dirty because of rains &  it’s so difficult to catch a auto etc etc…”.

 We know that MIL was sad but what should we do?? Should we stop going out? Should we stop using facebook?  PK was also shocked because they never stop comparing  us with them. They don’t understand the age difference. How to make them understand that how much ever we try we will not be able to live like them just to make them happy 😦

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2 Responses to Blue Mountains trip & Facebook Status!!

  1. Jay says:

    I can so relate to your predicament!

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