First visit to India 2010

We went to India in August 2010 to visit our parents.  For 22 years I lived in a big joint family with my uncles, aunts, my 8 cousins & my parents & a brother & 2 sisters so, I was so excited to see them after a whole one year.

We had planned to stay in Baroda with MIL & PIL for first 15 days & then to stay in Surat with my parents for rest of the 15 days.  PK was going to come back to Sydney after that while I extended my stay for another 15 days to spend some more time with my parents in Surat. MIL was not happy for my extended stay, so I had to make an excuse that I have to learn driving in Surat just to get to stay with my family for few more days.

I bought gifts everyone in my family & for MIL & PIL too. MIL & PIL were very happy to see their gifts but they were unhappy to see the gifts for my family. MIL’s concern was that PK has spent a lot of his money in buying gifts for my family.PK also gave his Play station to my younger brother. It was PK’s wish to give his PS to my brother as he was not using it anymore, I did not asked him or forced him to do so. MIL was not happy with this also. Please note here that it was not a new PS for my brother. (who was just 9 years old at that time).

Once while talking on phone, Mom asked me if I wanted anything while Dad was coming to Baroda to pick me up. I said no I don’t want anything. MIL heard this sentence & boy oh boy she was not able to control her anger. PK had already returned to Sydney at that time.  She blasted on PK on phone that “N (me) is asking her parents not to send anything to us and she is spending so much money to buy gifts for them!! Why ‘N’ has to go to Surat and live with her family.Why did you spend so much for N’s family, N’s family should give us gifts rather than you buying gifts for them. You discuss all our family matters with N, you should not do that, and you should not do this and what not” Oh God!!!

PK was on my side and he supported me every time MIL said anything against me. PIL’s health was not good at that time and in anger she said the worst words, a son would ever want to hear from his Mom. She said that PIL has been sick because of him and if anything will happen to PIL it will be all PK’s fault. PK was so heartbroken, he was so sad, he cried on phone while telling me all this conversation of him & his Mom & believe me PK is not that kind of guy who cries on every small thing.

I was not happy in Surat knowing what PK is going through alone in Sydney. I wanted to be with him. I wanted him to share his feelings with me So, as much as I wanted to spend some happy moments in Surat, it did not happened rather I was always in tension if PK is fine in Sydney or not, will MIL again call him or will MIL call me and scold me too….

My bad luck that MIL called me in Surat and said that PIL is not well and that I should be in Baroda during this time. So, I had to leave Surat early & go and stay with them.  On the same day, PK called and informed me that my flight has been cancelled and that now I had to catch the flight 2 days earlier. I am really thankful to God that he saved me from staying with MIL for those 2 days.

Again, she checked all my luggage, my handbag by making some or other excuses to see what I have packed in my luggage. When I returned to Sydney, our relationship with MIL & PIL was completed ruined. Neither PK, nor me were in mood to call them and talk to them. But because of PIL’s ill health and knowing that they both are alone there we had to call them 😦


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