Weekend update!!!

  • So, our trains were again running late on Friday, what’s going on with city-rail?? But I got a nice excuse of not preparing dinner as we were already tired. So, we went to a new pizza shop near our place and bought 2 pizzas and garlic bread and drink. yummy they were 🙂
  • On Saturday, after finishing all weekend chores we went for grocery shopping, they have small stall of Panipuri there only during weekends. I enjoyed eating garlic flavoured and mint flavoured panipuri there 🙂
  • Then, we had to go for dinner at our friend’s place, she prepared dhokla and papdi chaat for en-tray. Then for mains we had Napolean Rice(Rice cooked with veggies in coconut & coriandar paste) Dal makhni, Paneer Butter Masala, Naan & Salad. Oh and Kadhai Chicken too Non Vegetarians.
  • I prepared Shahi Tukda for desert and took that along with me, everyone loved it 🙂
  • My friend had told me to buy Methi leaves & Bottle gourd for them, because they cannot find these in their area. We bought the veggies, kept them in car but forgot to give to them, we remembered when we reached back home late at night 😦
  • We saw next day morning at about 12.00 pm 😦 because we overslept PK, had severe headache the whole Sunday. He was feeling better at night though.
  • I cooked Methi-Aloo sabji & bhareli bindhi and roti for dinner and cooked some rice to bring along with methi-aloo for lunch today.
  • Oh and I also went for 2nd jogging session today. Sadly, I just ran for 10 minutes and walked around 😦 I hope I can build up that stamina like others to run for 20 minutes continuously.

How was your weekend???

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