First jogging session and random…….

So, yesterday we went for our first running session, about 8 of us from our office. It was Ok, I am not very huge fan of running & jogging.. I don’t like to work out at all.. but anyways.. so we jogged for 60 seconds and then walked for 90 seconds, did this for 20 minutes continuously after 10 minutes of slow walking for warm up.. I was able to keep up with the group for 15 minutes and then just could not walk L My legs were sore L Next session is on Monday, not sure will I be able to complete it or not…

Then me and my colleague went to buy lunch, I bought Spinach & cheese Ravioli ( all work out went in water lol) and Mixed melon fresh juice…. mmmm…

On separate note, have been too busy in office lately.. lot of work to do, just one after another, no time to take break L

Weekend Plans?? no plans for weekend yet, might relax at home & cleaning, washing is always on to do list every weekend.. and yes, catching up on sleep too J weather seems to be warming up lately, hopefully we will get to enjoy nice summer weekend J

Spoke to Mom & Dad & Sis today.. Have not been able to call them during this week because of many reasons like trains running late everyday due to wild weather, so reaching home late.. and by the time we get free its already 9.00 at night and we are so exhausted that other than our bed we don’t remember anything hehehehe…

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One Response to First jogging session and random…….

  1. Titaxy says:

    happy weekend 🙂

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