On Jogging, Yoga classes & trains…..

One of my colleagues has just returned from her maternity leave and she suggested everyone to join her for the jogging & walking sessions during lunch break in the office. So, we will be doing 30 minutes run every Tuesday & Thursday. How cool is that..

Another thing she mentioned is the yoga class every Wednesday.. all girls from our office are excited.. will write about this in detail once we start our class..

Yesterday, train were running late and by late I mean to say very late. We were stuck in the train for almost 2 and half hours… sounds like Indian Railway system right ?? This never happens in Australia. We started in the train at 5.15 and reached home at 7.20… hmpppff!!!! There wasn’t any chance of preparing dinner and too late so we ended up buying pizzas for our dinner and went home and ate and slept.. within 10-12 hours we were again in the train going office… Just a note that me and PK travel together to go to work & then return to home together in evening.

What’s for lunch today then?? Well!! I had left over Pav Bhaaji in fridge, I quickly made some sandwiches from them and packed our lunch for today.. Now thinking for dinner…

What are you cooking tonight ???

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2 Responses to On Jogging, Yoga classes & trains…..

  1. Titaxy says:

    cooking is one of the tasks that requires a lot of push and efforts on my side. i’m not a fan of being in the kitchen (although I hope that changes), and deciding dinner menu day after day is something i dread. 🙂

    • hehehe.. I know its exhausting to cook dinner after a day, I am now habituated because PK like to eat homecookked meals both for lunch and dinner.. but I am totally opposite that way 😉
      what do you do for dinner then?? take away?

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