“P” Favourites List!!!!

I realised few days ago that I have some connection to letter “P”. Of course first of all PK’s name starts with P letter, so that is one.

Secondly, all of my favourite food’s name starts with P. I love Panipuri to the core, give me 100 panipuris and I will finish them all at once. Before my wedding I use to eat panipuri for dinner everyday, no this not exaggeration, its reality but here is Australia it’s not possible to eat panipuri everyday but I manage to take PK with me during most of the weekends to go and eat panipuri with me even though he rarely eats one or two 😦

Another favourite is Pav Bhaaji, ya ya I know who does not like Pavbhaaji ?? I cooked Pavbhaaji for dinner yesterday. It was AMAZINGLY  yummy… have bought Pavbhaaji sandwiches for lunch today, cannot wait for lunch break yay yay yay!!!

One more favourite is Pizza, again everyone’s favourite. I was not a huge fan of pizzas in India but in Australia my love for Pizza has grown way too much. PK loves woodfired pizzas and homemade lebenese bread pizza while I love Dominos Veggie pizza, its my favourite. I do love Pastas too but not as much as Pizza..

Pk and me, we both love Parathas. Pk loves all kinds of stuffed parathas, whether they are aloo parathas, veg parathas, muli parathas, gobi parathas….

Another connection with letter “P” is that I like to “P”ull PK’s hair. He is always scared (scared in a good way) to hurt me. He cannot see me in pain but I don’t know why I like to pull his hair whether they are his head hair or his hair on his hands & legs hehehehe

Do you have any favourites list starting with any specific alphabet?????

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2 Responses to “P” Favourites List!!!!

  1. Titaxy says:

    Hmmm. interesting. I haven’t really observed or given this much though…but should do, here on 🙂

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